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According to recent statistics, 47% of the population has been a victim of online fraud, but if individuals educate themselves on financial frauds, that percentage can be decreased significantly. EZChargeback is here to inform and provide you with authentic and expert knowledge about online scams, forex scams, binary frauds, and investment scams all under one roof. We have 100+ informational materials such as case studies, blacklisted company information, and other literature regarding the most current scams, schemes, and more. 

Read, learn, and inform yourself about online frauds to protect your finances!

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Forex Broker Scam
Forex Robot Scams

Beware of Forex Expert Advisors Scam (EA)

How to spot Forex Expert Advisor scams: Check the automated trading system’s backtest report for the biggest drawdown, and see if the lot sizes are growing. It’s possible that the strategists are utilizing the martingale trading method to recoup losses.

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Investment Scams

Investment scam is a broad category because they take many shapes. The popular ones are Ponzi schemes, while there are also insurance and loan scams, but regardless the pattern is all the same. Con artists promise big payouts only to still the investors’ money.

Crypto Scam

Cryptocurrency Scam

With cryptocurrency exchange on a rise over the past few years, scam artists are now robbing victims of their funds through digital crypto scams. They are going after people’s digital wallets through innovative techniques such as impersonation, hacking, and worse. Stay aware of the ongoings and read all about it here.

Online Scam

Online Scams

Online scam is a variant of cybercrime fraud that involves the use of the internet in hopes to trick victims out of their hard-earned money, property, personal data, and other assets. If you would like to know more about online scams, dating scams, and more we have a series of informational materials for you.

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Banking Scams

This is the use of illegal strategies to rob victims of their property, assets, money, and other valuable items by a financial institution. This is a criminal offense that involves banking frauds, credit card/debit card scams, and other fraudulent activities. To get further insights into this topic, check out our reading materials.


Forex Scams​

Foreign exchange fraud is when any third-party trading scheme manipulates a trader into thinking that they can pocket a grand profit by investing and trading in the foreign exchange market. Currency trading became a common ground for fraud in 2008, to find out more and stay informed, take a glance at our blogs on Forex scams.

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CFD Trading Scams

The CFD (Contract of Differences) frauds occur when brokers intentionally promote their clients to lose money. This is done through various techniques and methods that individuals should be aware of. To start building your knowledge on CFD Trading Scams, start here!

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DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! Watch out for these companies that have scammed innocent victims for millions of dollars. Check out detailed case studies on them to see what they have done, how they did it, and what the general population has to say about these ventures.

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Have you ever been a victim of an online scam and didn’t know what to do? The first step is always information. Knowledge about financial frauds is key to ensuring that you are protected from online scams, forex scams, dating scams, and numerous other dangerous tacts to steal money. 

We have one mission and that is to aid individuals in protecting their money through the power of knowledge about scams, recovery methods, and other innovative techniques. Tap into a network of 100+ written content, blogs, articles, case studies, and other resource materials to ensure that you do not fall victim to online scams and invest your hard-earned money in the safest ways possible. Over the past 7 years, we have worked with significant companies in the market to create the largest database of information relevant to fraudulent businesses and we want to share it with you for FREE! 

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Why Educate Yourself on Financial Scams?

Recent studies have shown that the more a person knows about a certain topic, the more likely they are to spot an issue and act accordingly. If you know about the various scams there are in the current market, what are the red flags for these scams, and how to combat and recover from them – then you can protect yourself and your finances. It’s always best to be safe than sorry!

More Than $12,544,200 Lost

Stats show that around 47% of individuals have fallen prey to $12,000,000+ worth of scams. Initially, scam artists start with a small amount and gradually grow, grow, and GROW to the point where recovery becomes close to impossible, but all of this can be avoided if victims get a hint of what is happening early on. How is that possible?! By educating themselves on the matter!

87% of Lost Amounts Recovered

Online scams are a disease and like every disease, if you start to cure it early on then there are chances of recovery. Informational materials, recovery companies, and awareness is the medicine for this cure. Populate your brain with all the information you can get.

Blacklisted Companies

In this day and age, conducting fraud has become 10X easier and exists in all commercial hemispheres. Brokers continue to fraud, deceive, and take advantage of unsuspecting victims, so it is best to watch your back. Read all about blacklisted companies which you should stay away from.

Safe Options

To save your time and money, you can find a list of worthy companies which are authentic, trustworthy, and reliable brokers, you can work with - safety is guaranteed.

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How Recovery Companies Work

Recovering funds from cyber scams are difficult, but it is not impossible. Through a detailed analysis, extensive investigation, tracking digital footprints, and enhanced techniques, authentic companies can help you catch your scammer, here’s how they do it!

They Review Your Submitted Request

As soon as you reach out to a recovery company, they will start reviewing and working on your case. Online scams are a time-sensitive matter so recovery companies tend to not waste any time. Following that, you will be contacted by a professional investigative advisor from their team who will discuss your case with you in more detail, present you with custom recovery options, and will guide you through the process every step of the way.

Evidence Collection & Broker Review

This is where they will start the preliminary stages of building your case and guide you through the extensive yet comprehensive process of collecting relevant and significant evidence for your case. This evidence will be salient in recovering your funds and includes all materials such as relevant e-mails, phone calls, messages, photo content, billings, invoices, the culprit’s digital footprint, and further information.

Building Your Case

Once their team of investigative specialists reviews the evidence you have provided, your case is deduced to be eligible for a refund, and all the materials are available to them – they will start structuring your information in an efficient and effective manner to be presented to the relevant financial bodies. While this may sound like a simple task, there is much more to it. Dealing with financial institutions requires an overpowering understanding of regulations and laws all around the globe. Moreover, the presenter needs to have profound knowledge regarding financial terms of service, agreements, and much more.

Getting Your Money Back!

Now there are two ways of going about this, initially, the recovery company may go straight to the scammer and confront them. 76% of the time, the scammer is terrified of getting caught and returns the funds in hopes of not being subjected to the authorities. However, if that method does not work, agencies turn to involve financial institutions. Normally, they partner with payment service providers such as Paypal, Skrill, and more to work our way to the scammer and get you your money back!

Informational Case Studies

Want to learn more about online scams, current fraudulent activities, and other information? Then get in-depth insights through some of our past cases about online scams and more.

Forex Scam: A Case Study

Mobeen Azhar, a journalist, investigates how investors lost millions of pounds after becoming victims of forex – foreign exchange – schemes in a four-part series published by Reuters. Investors were added to WhatsApp groups managed by unlicensed and unregulated so-called traders, according to Mobeen’s book Scam City: Money, Mayhem, and Maseratis; allegations of investors being told that they couldn’t withdraw their cash; and, after losing everything, investors discovering that their investments, made through a firm called Infinox registered in the Bahamas, were not subject to UK regulation or the control of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). … READ MORE

The Squid Game Cryptocurrency Scam

Since it was discovered to be an apparent scam, a digital token based on the popular South Korean Netflix series Squid Game has lost almost all of its value. A cryptocurrency marketed as a “play-to-earn cryptocurrency,” Squid, had seen its price skyrocket in recent days, increasing by thousands of percent. John Lee couldn’t believe how lucky he had been. The value of his $1,000 investment in Squid, a new cryptocurrency project inspired by the dystopian Netflix drama “Squid Game,” had skyrocketed as the price of the cryptocurrency soared. However, his money was gone in less than five minutes on Monday…. READ MORE

The Larges Ponzi Scam in History (The Madoff Scheme)

The Madoff scam was the largest documented Ponzi scheme in history, as well as the first to be conducted on a truly international scale. It claimed victims from Palm Beach to the Persian Gulf, from Canada to Brazil, and from a South Korean teachers’ pension plan to a Catholic girls’ school in St. Croix. It turned out that even Madoff’s own breathtaking description of the scale of his fraud was an underestimation; his Ponzi scheme ended up wiping out nearly $65 billion in fictitious wealth that had been supposedly accumulated in investor accounts. He siphoned off nearly $18 billion in cash from later investors and distributed it as fictitious profits to the earlier investors. It doesn’t matter which figure is used to classify the Madoff fraud; up until his arrest, the largest alleged Ponzi scheme in the United States had liabilities totaling just under $4 billion. Neither figure is acceptable…. READ MORE


There are numerous types of scams ranging from Forex Scams, Binary Options Scams, Cryptocurrency Frauds, Online Dating Scams, Charity Frauds, and so much more. All these frauds vary in terms of nature, however, at the end of the day they all have one goal and that is targeting innocent victims to steal from them.

The smoking gun of a scam is when the broker or company in question stops communicating with you. That could be through various means such as not answering phone calls, replying to texts, etc. Additionally, if it is an internet banking fraud, then you can tell if you are being scammed if money has been deducted from your account without your authorization.

Take a look at our database of blacklisted companies and legit organizations, here you can find reviews and detailed insights about all companies.

This varies from case to case depending on the type of scam, the evidence available, and other factors. However, on average it takes up to 2 months to resolve.

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