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Disclaimer: The information on this document was based on information gathered during the website investigation period. Please note that the information provided might be outdated because there might have been changes on the investigated website (i.e. website had been suspended or website had changed owners and changed its content).

What is the company about?

The goal of 24FXODDPRO is to make trading “accessible to everyone” by ensuring that no trading ever happens – as reported by many 24FXODDPRO users. 

24FXODDPRO is a renowned trading platform that supposedly aids in trading strategies, however many claim that they are nothing but a scam. They have created a facade where the company states that they achieve successful trades by offering a user-friendly trading platform built with the newest technology innovations and targeted at both novice and experienced traders – however, upon reviewing their platform the Ez Chargeback team found many violations. 

Keep on reading to get more insights about these violations through the in-depth review of 24FXODDPRO. about us

What Is 24FXODDPRO Offering/Promising To The Clients?

This organization claims that they provide investors with 4 distinct types of accounts that are appropriate for every budget and trading platform. 

Accounts range from basic to platinum in level. However, the way operates is not appropriate. The business is run confusingly, and investors are unlikely to make money from it. It also reveals a lot of parallels to fraudulent investment firms. It is therefore ludicrous for you to anticipate receiving any special treatment. The business supports in-the-moment analysis. Even so, the market analysis is provided by unreliable and nameless third parties.

There is no proof that 24FXODDPRO has ever traded successfully. Furthermore, it is impossible to know what kind of returns the company anticipates. Additionally, a trade history of at least three months is beneficial. As a result, the business may be experiencing a loss, which would account for the absence of comparable data. The only benefit is that it works with MetaTrader, a trustworthy investment platform.

Is 24FXODDPRO Legit Or A Scam?

The broker 24FXODDPRO is based overseas. The issue with offshore brokers is that they violate the law and are unreliable. Keep in mind that this broker is anonymous and that they can vanish at any time without warning.

You should be able to readily find out who the CEO of this brokerage firm is, who is running it, etc., to ensure that you are working with a licensed and well-known broker. Since you don’t know who will be handling YOUR MONEY, a lack of knowledge raises serious red flags. Your money is not secure with 24FXODDPRO due to this.

Is 24FXODDPRO Licensed?

24FXODDPRO is undecided as to which financial regulatory body it is under. The broker is allegedly based in the UK, and if that is the case, the FCA, the UK’s financial regulator, should be in charge of overseeing it. The company is unregistered under the FCA and the company’s house.  

According to the research conducted the company does not have a valid license for its services. The broker is inconsistent in its regulation claims, does not provide a functional trading platform, only offers a brief Client agreement that contains no relevant information, and charges huge non-trading fees. FCA

24FXODDPRO Opinions On Review Sites, Social Media And Contact Information has a very low trust score which indicates that there is a strong likelihood the website is a scam. Be very careful when using this website! When our algorithm automatically reviewed we looked at many factors, such as the ownership details, location, popularity, and other factors relating to reviews, fake products, threats, and phishing. A trust score is created using all the collected data. 

A common trend of users’ dissatisfaction with 24FXODDPRO surfaced after completing some research on numerous social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), as well as online trading forums. The website itself is blocked and no social media site exists for this business.

Are Your Funds Safe With 24FXODDPRO?

Not at all! Funds are not secure because of the knowledge gap and the offshore location of 24FXODDPRO. Money security is a major issue with offshore brokers. We identified 24FXODDPRO’s failure to provide users with essential information as a warning sign. Since there is no banking information for 24FXODDPRO, this broker may become insolvent at any time.


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How To Get Your Money Back If This Company Scammed You?

Broker 24FXODDPRO is a well-known unregulated offshore con artist. It is a clone that is trying to pass as genuine but is not. 

These unregulated investing firms are unreliable. Since they are confident that no one will watch their back to verify compliance, they are likely to violate the trade restrictions. Do not visit this fake website if you are naive enough to fall for its tricks. If you lost money to 24fxoddpro, don’t get angry. Before you, there were others, and there will probably be more. Even the most careful investors sometimes make mistakes, which should be seen as a chance for learning. EZ Chargeback Is The Answer!

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