Beware of Forex Expert Advisors Scam (EA)

The worst thing that can happen to anyone interested in starting automatic trading with forex robots is to lose all or a sizable portion of their start-up money.

Make sure to tell the difference between a true and false review if you want to avoid it since tens of thousands of both sponsored and impartial evaluations are floating around online.

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These tools are created by experienced forex traders who are also professional developers in order to aid new traders in getting the most out of their forex trading expertise. If you ever read a fake review on a specific forex robot, it may persuade you to use a dubious product, which could negatively impact your trading results and leave you asking what went wrong.

If you have any questions about a certain forex EA review, you can always ask the forex trading community. Untrue reviews may give you the impression that all forms of forex trading require forex EAs, which is not the case. Whether you want to use an automated forex trading program or not is entirely up to you. Before using any form of forex expert advisor, it is suggested that you read reviews.

Over £27million lost to scams involving crypto and forex investments in 2018/19

If you’re someone who is into Forex Trading, then you’re definitely at the right place. We can give you the best practices in identifying red flags as well as help you in recovering your stolen money from scammers!

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How to Identify and Avoid Forex Expert Advisors' Scam and Fraud

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How to spot Forex Expert Advisor scams:

  • Check the automated trading system’s backtest report for the biggest drawdown, and see if the lot sizes are growing. It’s possible that the strategists are utilizing the martingale trading method to recoup losses.
  • Check to see if the Forex robot trades using the grid approach, which involves a lot of simultaneous buying and selling. Such a tactic should be avoided as it exposes the account to several risks.
  • Check whether the Forex EA quickly closes trades. Such trading bots employ scalping techniques and frequently cannot be used with any other trading account due to their sensitivity to changes in spread;
  • See if the EA employs stop loss. Expert advisors without stop losses are unable to shield traders from losses and are not recommended.
  • See if trades are kept available for an extended period of time. The equity curves produced by EAs that hold strategies for a long period or those that close trades quickly (scalping strategies) are frequently excellent. Still, they are rarely useful in actual trading.


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Evaluate Your Trades

One of the most common and straightforward ways to begin your trading career is with automatic forex trading.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of forex enthusiasts use automated solutions like forex expert advisors to help them reach their financial objectives quickly and easily. If you have little trading expertise, your chances of losing all your hard-earned money are very high, but forex EAs make it simple. Forex EA reviews make it simple to learn more about them. However, occasionally, these reviews are unreliable and have unfavorable effects. In this essay, we shall go into great detail about it.

With a forex broker who permits it, an EA or robot may be utilized in both live trading and a demo account. These robots are designed to operate in accordance with predetermined rules to close/open trading positions. The EA you have started using must be genuine and created by a reputable software business; otherwise, you risk being at a disadvantage.

You will come across several forex EA reviews that will teach you a lot about a number of industry-leading EAs while looking for an EA that is good enough to use on a daily basis. However, be sure to go by the following recommendations before you believe any review:

  • Make sure the review you are reading comes from a reliable source because there are some fraudulent websites designed to disparage successful forex EAs in order to help the opposition. If a blog or review site has a small audience, it probably did not do its job well—otherwise, many people would be reading that specific review. If you carefully read such a review, you will discover several inconsistencies and a dearth of details.
  • Some reviews of forex EAs are critical, while others are wholly false. As was already discussed, many rivals hire websites to promote untruths about a particular forex EA, leading consumers to believe it is a scam when it is not. Instead of putting your faith in forex EA reviews that are founded on lies, attempt to DYOR so that you can tell the difference. You can find a lot of incomplete and useless EA evaluations that could lead you astray because there has been so much interest in this topic.
  • Most reviews of forex EAs aren’t deemed comprehensive unless they include the results of the backtesting procedure so that readers can evaluate how well or poorly the EA did in a test run. However, it is equally crucial to determine how current or old that backtest result is. A certain forex expert advisor’s present condition of performance cannot be adequately explained or verified by an outdated test approach. It is merely a means of confusing or deceiving novice forex traders into not making the best decision. Remember that forex robots are often updated, re-released, and optimized to improve their performance.
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Final Verdict

Expert advisors (EAs), which are essentially the ultimate trading robots that monitor markets and execute trades for traders, are the foundation of many trading methods.

Forex EAs that are poorly built produce subpar trading performance. In order to convince buyers to purchase EAs, many vendors have developed strategies for manipulating EA reports to look positive. There are ways to determine whether a strategy is genuine or not. Prepare yourself to evaluate each trading robot you come across and safeguard yourself from Forex fraud.

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