Brokers & Binary Options Scams to Look Out For in 2022

The following article that you are about to begin reading is probably something essential if you plan on investing in binary options. When it comes to financial instruments, there is always a risk that tags along with each one. Binary options represent financial instruments that pay out either a specified sum or nothing at all if the agreement is held until expiration. This is why they’re termed binary options: there’s no other way to resolve the issue. A binary option is composed of a simple yes or just no proposition: Will, the price of a financial commodity, be higher than a specific level at a certain point in time?

It is one of the easiest financial assets to trade since traders’ place bets depending on whether they feel the market response is yes or no. Because of its ease, traders and newbies to the financial markets have flocked to it. Traders should completely grasp how binary options function, what markets and time frames they may trade with binary options, the benefits and drawbacks of these products, and which businesses are legally permitted to supply binary options to US citizens, as easy as it may appear.

The SEC and CFTC have received numerous complaints of fraud associated with websites that offer an opportunity to buy or trade binary options through Internet-based trading platforms

If you are someone who’s interested in Binary Options, then you’re definitely at the right place. We can give you the best practices in identifying red flags as well as help you in recovering your stolen money from scammers!

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What are Binary Options Scams?

Almost all of the binary options industry is based on Worldwide web-based trading platforms that may or may not be in compliance with US regulatory standards and may be involved in unlawful behavior. Investors should be careful of fake binary options as well as binary options trading platforms’ advertising schemes.

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A binary option is also a sort of options contract wherein the payoff wholly depends on the evaluation of a yes/no proposition, which usually refers to if the price of a certain asset will increase above or fall beyond a certain amount. Because binary options execute automatically after the option is bought, the holder has no additional decision to make about the execution of the option. A binary option, not like other forms of options, does not provide the holder the ability to purchase or sell the specified asset. The option holder gets either one of these a certain sum of cash or nothing at all if the binary term ends.

To assist you in finding the proper trading platform, we’ve researched the top binary options firms. Minimum deposits, returns, regulations, asset availability, customer care, as well as a trading platform were all variables we looked at while evaluating each binary broker.

The Best Binary Options Brokers in 2022

The Pocket Option is the best binary broker


Our top pick for the best binary options broker in 2021 is Pocket Option. Low minimum deposits, accessible payment methods, outstanding payouts, and a multitude of technical analysis tools are all available on this cutting-edge trading platform.

You may trade more than 100 assets with Pocket Option, including stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, indexes, and commodities. You can establish a demo account with virtual money to familiarize yourself with the website’s platform. This sample allows you to try out all of the site’s features without taking any risks.

BinaryCent is the most user-friendly trading platform for novices


BinaryCent is a binary options broker where you may invest and earn up to 95% in just 60 seconds. You can trade FX pairs, CFDs, and binary options on their user-friendly trading interface.

The opportunity to mimic the most successful traders is one of the finest aspects of the BinaryCent trading platform. You may pick and select which traders you wish to follow, then imitate their trades with a single click. This copy

The best for copy trading is IQCent

Some binary options traders aim to earn a quick profit without having to keep an eye on the market to choose the best course of action. If this describes you, you’ll like IQCent’s user-friendly platform and copy trading feature.

IQCent is a completely secure trading platform that handles more than 10,000 transactions every day. In comparison to other similar sites, the site offers a number of benefits, including referral incentives, bonuses for each monetary amount you deposit, nonstop trading, and rapid withdrawals. There are over 100 trading marketplaces to pick from, including equities, forex, and commodities–and the minimum trade size is only a cent.

Best signup bonuses at RaceOption


RaceOption processes approximately 10,000 trades every day across 100+ asset classes, including equities, crypto, and commodities.

You’ll love RaceOption’s substantial incentive programs if you want to take your gains to the next level. You may earn extra money by recommending friends to the platform—you’ll get 20% back on their deposits after they sign up. You may also enter promotions and sweepstakes on the site to win prizes such as iPads, iMac laptops, and cash.

RaceOption’s copying features are beneficial to traders who are new to binary options trading. These features allow you to choose a trader from a list of successful investors on the site and imitate their trades, allowing you to make more confident trading selections.

Nadex is a regulated broker for traders in the United States


Nadex is a binary options exchange established in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Nadex is the only exchange licensed by the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) that offers binary options.

Nadex provides a number of trading platforms that enable you to speculate on short-term price swings in a range of marketplaces. Binary options, touch bracket, knock-out, and call spread contracts are all alternatives. is the most sophisticated trading platform available is one of the most convenient binary options brokers since it allows you to trade 24 hours a day, including on weekends. Through its binary options and MetaTrader 5 platforms, it provides over 100 trading markets, including forex, crypto, CFDs, and metals.

Beginners will like the fact that offers a virtual practice account to assist them in learning more about binary trading. You get a $10,000 virtual credit that you may replenish for free with this account. When you’re ready, you may open a real account and start trading money.

Do you suspect that someone had scammed you?

If you have any suspicion of a scam or phishing attack, then you can rely on EZChargeback to help you with protection, mitigation, and fund recovery

You will feel safe knowing that experts with years of experience will be guiding you!

Binary Options Scam Artists in 2022


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has come to know about scams and fraud involving websites that allow users to buy or trade binary options utilizing Internet-based trading platforms. There are at least three different categories of grievances:

Customer accounts are not credited, or monies are not reimbursed.

Customers who have put money into their binary options trading account are often contacted by “brokers” who persuade them to deposit further assets and money into their account over the telephone. Customers say that when they try to withdraw their initial deposit or the promised return, the trading platforms reject their withdrawal requests, fail to credit their accounts, or ignore their phone calls and emails.

Theft of one's identity

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Customers’ personal information (including copies of credit cards, passports, and driver’s licenses) may be collected by some Internet-based binary options trading platforms for unclear purposes, according to these allegations. Don’t give out any personal information.

Software manipulation to induce loss trades

These allegations claim that binary options trading platforms on the internet modify trading software to distort binary options pricing and payments. When a customer’s transaction is “winning,” for example, the clock to expiry is artificially prolonged until the deal becomes a loss.

List of Binary Options Scam & What They Do!

Check out our blacklist of binary options firms that have been shown to be scams or otherwise harmful to traders

When a fraudster exploits the guise of binary options contracts to gain money illegally, it is known as a binary options scam. Binary trading’s semi-regulated structure has created a vast gray area for criminal actors to operate in.

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Trading that is carefully monitored

Some brokers promise to be able to handle everything for customers, including trading, and that earnings are guaranteed. Most of the time, this will devolve into a game in which you will be continuously forced to deposit more money in order to continue generating a profit or recover losses. When a trader tries to withdraw cash, there are a slew of problems, if it is feasible at all. Because the capital markets are just too volatile, a competent broker would never declare that gains are assured. Also, why would they run a brokerage if they knew how to constantly make a profit? They could make a living without having to deal with clients if they wanted to.

Brokers who operate on a "fly-by-night" basis

online fraud

By acting as legitimate binary options brokerages, fly-by-night brokers lure users to their trading platform. Their websites were most likely designed to seem plausible, generally by someone with a thorough understanding of binary options trading. A few rogue brokers offer access to well-known trading platforms, while others may utilize their own.

Fly-by-night brokers, perhaps the most basic sort of binary options scam, solicit traders to make a hefty deposit upfront, typically with appealing bonuses for new customers. Some con artists will take your money and then disappear, never to be heard from again. Sophisticated frauds, on the other hand, entice consumers to commit additional money by promising high returns on their first investment. When a trader tries to withdraw money from their account, the broker will cancel it and disregard all of the trader’s other requests.

Price Manipulation & Bucket Shops

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‘Bucket shops’ are brokers who profit at the cost of their clients by deceptive techniques. Bucket shops, which date back to the mid-1800s, have traditionally let consumers wager on the financial markets using products that are akin to binary options. Many bucket stores deceive customers by manipulating pricing.

Traders may feel they are dealing in the marketplace when, in reality, the broker is setting the prices artificially. Simply put, the customer’s pricing is not being managed in their favor, and they will most likely lose their money. Furthermore, some traders claim that bucket shop brokers hinder consumers from gaining by prolonging the expiry countdown until a profit turns into a loss.

Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes

what is pyramid

In binary options trading, the all-too-common pyramid scheme fraud appears from time to time. Pyramid scheme participants are urged to recruit new members in order to receive a commission. Everyone who joins the program pays a membership fee, and instead of profiting from binary contracts dealing, those at the top of the pyramid earn from the fees paid by those at the bottom. Because they can’t find enough recruits, individuals at the bottom of the pyramid nearly always lose money. A Ponzi Scheme, however, will promote binary options transactions that promise high profits in a short period of time.

Ponzi schemes may just demand a little initial investment and provide promised returns to create the appearance of success. These customers are urged to recruit new people to participate in the plan; after enough individuals have invested, the scammer disappears with the money.

If your money was stolen from a binary option scam then contact us to help you get your money back!

Trade with Reliable Companies!

Before investing, use the SEC’s database, accessible on, and the background of the national futures association to check out the background of any firm or financial professional you’re considering dealing with, including registration or license status. If you can’t verify their registration, don’t conduct business with them, don’t send them money, and don’t give them your personal information. Binary options work on the basis of a yes-or-no proposition. Your profit or loss potential is determined by the price at which you buy or sell the option, as well as whether it expires valued at $100 or $0.

Both risk/reward is capped, and you may close out options before they expire to lock in a profit or lessen a loss. Binary options offer a low entrance barrier, but just because it’s simple doesn’t imply it will be simple to profit from. On the opposite side of the deal, there’s always someone who believes they’re right and you’re wrong. Only trade with money you can afford and use a trial account to get a better understanding of how binary options operate before investing real money.

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