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Roosikrantsi tn 2-K344, Kesklinna District, Tallinn City, Harju County, Estonia, is an online trading broker. Global View International Services Limited and Digital Worldwide OU jointly own it. 

They can be reached by phone at +442080680923 or by email at It’s also worth noting that this broker is unlicensed and blacklisted. CFD Royal is a forex broker that offers mobile and web-based forex trading platforms. In terms of order execution, CFD Royal is a b-book broker (market maker). At CFD Royal, you can trade currency, indices, CFDs, and commodities. The market for CFD Royals is unregulated.

License and Regulation


License and Regulation


When researching CFD Royal, we came across a few red flags that we believe should be addressed. CarterFS and RichmondFG are owned by Elite Property Vision LTD, which also owns other brokerages. 

The fact that these companies have been blacklisted by various regulators on multiple occasions does not inspire confidence in CFD Royal. Another factor to consider is that CFD Royal was previously owned by United Limited, an offshore company based in the Marshall Islands. 

The Marshall Islands are known for their lack of laws and regulations. It does not regulate forex trading and charges a low setup fee. Last but not least, traders should avoid CFD Royal because it has been banned by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

People who have been duped by a broker trade scam may experience embarrassment as their first emotion. Few people are willing to admit that they were taken advantage of by a shady broker. They might be told that they should have sniffed out the deception before signing the contract. 

For example, CFD Royal may have paid for positive reviews or its website may appear to be professional. On the other hand, the negative CFD Royal reviews will be revealed later. This situation has the potential to be very embarrassing. You should also be aware that once someone has decided to work with you, con artists will prey on them multiple times. It’s critical to keep in mind that it’s not your fault!

There is a sense of social responsibility involved in reporting the CFD Royal and attempting to recover your funds. Fewer people would try to set up fraudulent schemes if all scam brokers were punished, forced to refund their ill-gotten gains, and faced the consequences, such as losing their licenses or facing legal action. The fact that you reported the scam and were able to recover your funds may serve as a deterrent to future scams. 

CFD Royal reviews that are negative will serve as a deterrent to potential clients. CFD Royal reviews and customer feedback were analyzed. We’ve come to the conclusion that all CFD Royal cautions and warnings should be regarded with suspicion, and that potential traders should instead seek out a reputable broker.

Making a complaint about CFD Royal may result in action that benefits a large number of people. It is critical that a broker who steals money from traders is not allowed to get away with it. The actions of CFD Royal scam brokers will be exposed by identifying and describing their behavior.

Customer Reviews


Customer Review

“Royal CFDs aren’t regulated in any way.” My personal experience with them indicates that you should avoid them. Look for a broker who is regulated. Tell me not to allow you to withdraw funds. Their customer service representatives attempted to persuade me to invest a few thousand pounds. 

But I deposited $331, and my account balance is now $255, but I can’t withdraw it. Please keep a safe distance from them. They’re most likely a con artist.”- Hannah Lane

Many people have fallen prey to such scammers and have had to face terrible consequences. If you decide to get yourself into the CFD game, it is vital you do your research and beware of the fact that not all advertisements or reviews you read are legitimate. 

Final Verdict


Final Verdict

According to our research, CFD Royal is a complete rip-off. CFD Royal is owned and operated by Elit Property Vision LTD, which is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

The broker has not been authorized or regulated by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission or any other agency. Forex and CFD brokers must have a license from the local financial authorities in order to sell and deliver financial services. CFD Royal cannot be considered a safe broker to invest with because it lacks such a license. 

All investors and traders should avoid CFD Royal and other unregulated brokers. Anyone considering investing with the company should be wary of the lack of information on the broker’s regulations, trading conditions, and contact information.

Investment fraud is common in such businesses. Traders should only trade with regulated brokers. After conducting research on a variety of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), as well as online trading forums, we discovered a common theme: people were dissatisfied with their Royal CFDs experience. 

Royal CFDs appears to be a shady broker based on this customer feedback, and investors should proceed with caution before using their brokerage platform. CFD Royal was found to be using questionable and unethical practices as a result of their regulatory status and dubious terms of service. Users are advised not to trade with this CFD Royal and to contact them immediately to withdraw their funds if they have already done so.

If you’ve had any of the following experiences with CFD Royal, you’ve most likely been duped or are a scam victim. We recommend reporting a scam and filing a refund against CFD Royal as a first step in reclaiming your funds.

The most critical step you should take is to contact EZ Chargeback, a company that specializes in asset recovery.



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