CFD Scams

Social Media Scam
Online Scams

9 Social Media Scams to Avoid

It is no surprise that kids today are technologically and Internet knowledgeable, assuring them online. Regarding social interaction, they also frequently exhibit less experience and greater levels of trust than most age groups.

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Hardware Crypto
Cryptocurrency Hacks or Theft

How Crypto Hardware Wallets Are Hacked

One of the most secure ways to store cryptocurrencies is via a crypto hardware wallet. Continue reading as we explain what they are, how they operate, why you should use them, and how they are compromised.

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mlm business vs pyramid scheme
Investment Scams

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) vs. Pyramid Scheme: Know the Difference!

A distinguishing factor between MLM and a pyramid scam is how the businesses run. MLM is a marketing strategy. MLM consultants, contractors, or distributors are compensated by selling the goods to other multilevel marketing participants. You enroll them if they aren’t already a part of your MLM business.

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person holding a bitcoin
Cryptocurrency Scams

Why is Crypto Crashing? Explaining the Death Spiral

In June, the markets saw a severe shift. Since the summer’s bottom, both Bitcoin and the S&P 500 have experienced double-digit percentage gains, while Ethereum has surged more than 70%. Although that increase may seem significant, keep in mind that Ethereum began its recovery from extremely low prices.

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CFD Advisor Scams

CFD Broker Scams

CFD Trading Frauds

CFD Scams

Is CFD Trading Legal

CFDs are over-the-counter derivative products, which is why the US bans them. CFDs are traded on marketplaces by buyers and sellers without regulated exchanges. However, CFD investments are hard to monitor and need more transparency.

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