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Pacific Sunrise UK Ltd, which also goes by the name Aaoption and offers CFD Stocks, Binary Options, and other financial products, uses the brand name CFDStocks. 

CFDStocks’ address is listed as London, United Kingdom, and they have a multilingual website as well as multiple phone lines, including New Zealand, Norway, and Austria. CfdStocks, an online trading broker based in London, United Kingdom, at 18 King William Street, EC4N 7BP, is owned by Pacific Sunrise UK Ltd. They can be reached at +6499402705 +4721984420 +4313469999007 or 02033322930 02038072167 02036709909 02036709880 02034559628 +6499402705 +4721984420 +4313469999007 or is their email address, and their website address is

License and Regulation


License and Regulations

A financial service broker or investment firm incorporated in the UK must be regulated by the local authorities FCA in order to be completely legal (Financial Conduct Authority). 

CFDStocks is regarded as an illegal entity that is not authorized to provide its services because it lacks a specific license or any other. Apart from the legal issues, the broker was also caught marketing its services in other countries, including Australia, Asia, and other parts of the world. 

The Australian regulator ASIC has issued a warning and designated the company as one to avoid because it is suspected of being involved in a scam. Cfdstocks has the potential to cause significant losses to his clients, and as a result, we believe he is a likely fraudster.

This element, on the other hand, necessitates special attention due to the fact that it is a common target for brokerage fraud. For example, many dishonest brokers charge exorbitant withdrawal fees that do not cover service fees. Unfortunately, many non-withdrawal brokers use these arguments to fool people into thinking they aren’t con artists. 

If Cfd Stocks refuses to allow withdrawals, there is almost certainly a licensing issue. Working with an unauthorized broker will leave you vulnerable to broker fraud. When a broker receives your funds, he is free to do whatever he wants as long as it is not illegal.

Choosing a reliable broker with whom to trade is a big decision. You can’t choose a broker solely based on their website’s information. You should focus your investigation on key details. When looking for a dependable and trustworthy broker, there are a number of factors to consider. The majority of newcomers make the mistake of not doing enough research on the broker at the outset. 

It is critical to check and research the most important aspects. Start by looking into the regulatory body that oversees that broker. You cannot choose a broker who does not adhere to any of the regulatory requirements. Selecting a regulated broker will give you more peace of mind and assurance that you’re dealing with a reputable business brokerage firm. If it isn’t under your control, you should consider other options.

The next step in determining whether or not a broker is legitimate is to examine its track record, history, and reputation, among other factors. It should be well-known in the industry for providing excellent customer service.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Visit brokerage forums or websites where people have discussed their experiences with this broker to learn more.

“Last November/December 2017, I was duped by this phony company CFD stocks.” I’m still trying to get my money back from my first deposit. I reported them to Action Fraud, but there hasn’t been much response. So here I am in September 2020, still attempting to reclaim my hard-earned funds! Yes, you should avoid the CFS stock company. I’m not sure how they’re still doing business.” Sherry Halm 

“A couple of days ago, I made a transaction of $250 as per their instructions, but it was my biggest mistake ever in my life. The next day, I started researching this company and discovered that it was a big swindler, so I sent an email and called to ask for my money back, and they said I needed to submit some documents such as my passport/license, driver’s credit card copy front back with covering CVV number, and my electric bill to verify my account and process the money.” So, can you please tell me if it’s okay to give them these documents? ‘Please let me know.’ Nani Ram

The best way to gain a better understanding of any broker is to read the reviews and feedback provided by previous traders. You can quickly identify the most common issue by reading other users’ feedback. Don’t ignore the feedback when researching the broker. You will find that the major top forex websites that provide reviews and ratings for any broker will be very useful to you in your trading. 

By comparing several brokers’ websites, you can gain a thorough understanding of each one. Other customers’ ratings and reviews will greatly assist you in gaining a better understanding of the real facts about a particular broker, as you may encounter similar issues while trading with that broker.

You can tell whether a broker is well-known or a fraud by reading the feedback and reviews. The major websites will rate the brokers in a variety of categories. The rating of a broker is determined by a number of factors. You should read a thorough review before deciding on the broker who best meets your needs. You can double-check if a broker is offering a low spread by visiting other websites. Most consumers nowadays use social networking sites to get feedback on a specific broker or a specific trading problem they’re having.

Final Verdict


Final Verdict

After researching Cfdstocks, we discovered some reasons to be wary. If you have lost money with Cfd Stocks or another broker, or if you simply want to learn more about another broker, speak with a professional. 

We strongly advise our clients to file a strong claim against shady brokers. By providing investigative reports and recommendations, experts can assist you in recovering your assets. After reviewing numerous negative reviews across various platforms, as well as the fact that CFDstocks is unregulated, it is clear that this broker is a fraud.

If you’ve been a victim of any scam you can contact Ezchargeback.



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