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Chargeback Way employs established guidelines, buyer rights, and innovative solutions to ensure you receive the most skilled recovery assistance available. 

After proving that your request is genuine and that a scam has been submitted, you will be given instructions and recommendations to begin your recovery procedure. Their colleagues and specialists include insight experts, financial experts, and former law enforcement officers. They will decide the best way to retrieve your lost assets together effectively. Chargeback Way will represent you in front of all parties involved.

Chargeback Way is an investigative money recovery and consulting firm that specializes in maximizing the outcomes of your disputes and claims in order to recover your funds. Chargeback Way has 45+ specialized resources to handle everything from fund recovery issues to forex scams and more. More importantly, they help their consumers understand their rights so that an incident like this never happens again!

The Many Asset Recovery Services That Chargeback Way Experts Offer! 

  • Online Scam Recovery
  • Banking Scam Recovery
  • Investment Scam Recovery
  • CFD Scam Recovery
  • Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery
  • Forex Scam Recovery

The Risk of Scams in the Digital Age


Online Scam

Scams did not appear overnight; they have been harming the economy for decades; nevertheless, there is a new factor in the mix — digitization! 

The hazard of digital frauds, scams, and other destructive acts is rapidly increasing due to digitalization. The threat grows with each passing year; fraudulent instances climbed from 51.4 percent in 2017 to 62.1 percent in 2021. This has directly influenced businesses, individuals, and the economy as a whole. According to reports, firms have lost $42 billion in the last 24 months. 

In 2021, 71% of people began using online payment platforms that are highly easy to access and hack? This increased the fraud risk to 92 percent, resulting in an extra $2.3 billion – if not more – in losses. Furthermore, while setting up these payment systems, people submitted sensitive information that ended up in the hands of hazardous scammers. With the advent of the digital era, fraud firms and scammers have begun to employ more complex fraud strategies to gain access to personal information via data breaches.

Furthermore, synthetic identity fraud occurs when scammers utilize both genuine and misleading information about a person to obtain credit cards, bank loans, and other financial services. Scammers utilize some genuine and some fraudulent information about a person to obtain credit cards, bank loans, and other access to money and assets, then vanish into thin air. Individuals, financial institutions, and the economy have lost an estimated $6 billion every year as a result of this. Scam artists and fraud companies will go after anyone, so keep an eye on your back!

Forex Scam Recovery is Their Expertise 


The tinder forex scam involves signing up for a dating app and then hunting for people interested in investing in fraudulent items that would cause a person to lose all of their money. 

This is done after one has gained confidence. The scam is known as the ‘Tinder Forex Scam,’ as it is popular on dating applications. It is considered a more serious hoax than others because it attempts to create an intimate and personal connection with the person. This type of scam takes advantage of a person’s vulnerability and manipulates the victim’s life. It is the type of scam that preys on people when they are most vulnerable and at their weakest point.

They Can Even Dispute Scams Involving Cryptocurrency 


In general, cryptocurrency frauds are classified into two types:

  1. Attempts to gain access to a target’s digital wallet or login credentials. This means that scammers attempt to obtain information that will grant them access to a digital wallet or other sorts of confidential information, such as security codes. In some circumstances, this includes direct hardware access.
  2. They are directly transferring cryptocurrency to a fraudster as a result of impersonation, fraudulent investment or business opportunities, or other nefarious tactics.

How Does Chargeback Way Recover Stolen Money?



Chargeback Way’s recovery professionals devise a personalized recovery strategy, debating whether to approach the fraudster directly or enlist third parties. 

Initially, they try going directly to the scammer, supplying them with evidence and notifying them of the consequences. In most situations, they are required to repay the funds. However, if that fails, their team always has a backup plan in place, which is to approach financial institutions. They have worked with payment providers such as Transferwise, Paypal, and others to assist them in recovering your funds.

What Do Chargeback Way Clients Have to Say About This Fund Recovery Agency?


Talha Ali


Chargeback Way is a godsend; I was a victim of a forex scam, and a friend gave me their phone number, so I checked out their website and submitted my case. They looked over my case and were very open and hands-on throughout the process. Their methods of cyber tracking, analyzing, and preparing the case were the greatest, and they communicated with me 24 hours a day, seven days a week! If I ever get caught in another scam – HOPEFULLY NOT – I will use Chargeback Way again.

Betty Simon


I fell prey to a cryptocurrency fraud a few months ago and had no idea how to deal with the problem. That’s when I learned about this investigation firm, and I have to say, they know what they’re doing! All of the tactics used to investigate and retrieve the stolen money were so exact, timely, and effective that they were able to recover my money very quickly. They gave me the best and the most reasonable advice they could. I was unfamiliar with scams and how they operate, but they guided me through every step of the process and assisted me in recovering my money. 

Peter James


A woman defrauded me through a dating app, stealing roughly $57,000 from me – THIS WAS A LARGE AMOUNT FOR ME!! Then a buddy mentioned Chargeback Way and how they assisted him in recovering his money. I contacted them, and they had recovered the entire sum within a month.

We Approve of Chargeback Way!


They have one purpose and one mission only: to assist you in recovering your stolen funds in the simplest and most secure manner possible. They will go to every length to retrieve your stolen valuables, no matter how big or small the sum. Contact Their anti-fraud experts to begin developing your case and recovering the money you were duped out of!

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