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Chargebacking is a funds recovery firm that provides the greatest experts in the market to recover your money from a scam artist. They are aware that many people have been duped out of substantial quantities of money, and they are here to fight alongside you.  

Their professionals work together to study, analyze, and probe details in order to track down and catch the organization that deceived you – and they don’t stop there; Chargebacking also recovers the stolen funds for you. They are a prominent funds recovery business with a global reputation. Chargebacking has been in operation for almost seven years, and in recent years, they have recovered around $100,000 for our valued clients and have over 800 clients in their portfolio, and not a single one has lost a lawsuit against a fraudster. 

When confronting a scammer, this organization believes in a robust and no-nonsense approach to ensure that clients receive their money back in the most practical and effective way possible. They will assist you in retrieving your assets regardless of how complicated the situation is.

The Chargebacking Recovery Process is Tried & Tested! 


Make a Request

If you suspect your broker, an internet business, or someone is stealing from your digital wallet has duped you? The first step toward recovering your lost dollars is to report the scam. Submit a request to their team explaining the details of the fraud you were a victim of. Following that, their team of professionals will conduct a preliminary examination to study the circumstances of your case to guarantee the legitimacy of your scam.

Gathering Evidence

Winning a funds recovery action is a technical process that necessitates the collection of supporting evidence. This is when their investigators put on their detective hats and begin hunting for evidence that will help your case. They will gather all the information and digital proof needed to construct your case.

Confronting the relevant bodies

It is critical to confront the entities that have harmed you, stolen from you, and committed the scam to reclaim control of your finances and precious assets. However, it is done systematically in which they are confronted for their illegal conduct by utilizing supporting materials so that they cannot deny what they have done.

Retrieve Your Money!

The Chargebacking team takes a lot of pride in ensuring that all of their clients receive the amounts that they are legally entitled to. They go above and beyond for their customers to ensure that 100% of their stolen funds are recovered – regardless of the type of scam.

Services offered by Chargebacking

  • Online Scam
  • Banking Scam
  • Investment Scam
  • CFD Scams
  • Cryptocurrency Scams
  • Forex Scams

Cryptocurrency Scams


What are Cryptocurrency scams

To purchase cryptocurrencies, you must use real money, and while you will not be dealing with a bank, you will be dealing with a third-party exchange. And there are other incidents of these exchanges collapsing overnight and losing people’s money, such as Bit connect. 

Once, it was a viral exchange that destroyed approximately $2.5 billion in value. Its operations were halted following various allegations that it was running a Ponzi scheme. Aside from that, there are a lot of Twitter giveaway scams, such as when scammers mimic a well-known personality and then set up a bogus giveaway. They will imitate someone by copying the original account’s handle, avatar, and tweets.

They will then utilize the bogus account to trick people into believing that a well-known celebrity is giving away cryptocurrencies online. You only need to send in your own money. First and foremost, this appears legitimate. You don’t have to be a celebrity billionaire to be singled out. Scammers will construct bogus Twitter accounts to undertake coordinated disinformation campaigns, all to affect the crypto currency’s price. Copycat scams are not new to the cryptocurrency business, but they are especially effective because bitcoin is still in its early stages and hence fraught with uncertainty.

Chargebacking’s history with Cryptocurrency scams

Internet fraud was carried out through Coincheck by a hacking system and fake into the crypto world. 

They misplaced $367 million in funds that were supposed to be repaid via coin check. So, the hackers created a false URL and login page linked to Coincheck. They created a website to attract a large audience by promoting it through various online applications and random text messages. To make people believe in this website, they employed artists and well-known celebrities to make it appear trustworthy and genuine. Coincheck had to overcome enormous obstacles in order to repay this amount of money, and it appeared that catching the thieves would be impossible. Coincheck improved the criteria and authenticity for all sites while keeping the risk of online transactions in mind. Scams are an aspect of online investing, and the genuineness of those working behind the scenes is essential. 

Coincheck dedicated the majority of its personnel to safeguarding the crypto hot wallet, and security alerts were enhanced in tandem. As a result of keeping the money difficult to attain with a fully guarded money investment aim, database management, and safety increased. Chargebacking was able to recover the lost amount within a matter of a few months; even though it was a challenging and strenuous case, Chargebacking was able to recover 92% of the amount that was lost.

Why Do We Recommend Chargebacking?

The entire concept of this organization is to obtain individual money, finances, and investments before they are defrauded in a variety of online ways. In this day and age, it is practically impossible for people to avoid the exchange of money, but becoming a victim of such robberies is also a part of it. 

The team at Chargebacking makes sure that clients who seek their assistance in such circumstances recover their funds from such online frauds and money scams. The world of online scamming is undeniably ruling, and as cryptocurrency gains popularity, scammers and criminals are devising new methods to defraud unsuspecting people. They can avoid it by searching for counterfeit websites that appear to be authentic or genuine articles. Fake mobile applications closely resemble genuine ones, frequently imitating logos and names. Tweets and social media updates are also commonly used by such criminals, who create phony accounts of celebrities or transmit messages and links.

Chargebacking has recovered $97,000+ in the last seven years by successfully winning 120+ cases. The Chargebacking team comprises industry professionals, experienced analysts, and cyber detectives who are there to assist you in combating the rapid increase in online frauds of all kinds. Their primary goal is to help recover the money of their clients – whether it is a crypto scam, a dating fraud, or a forex scam, they will go to any length to win their case.

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