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As e-influence commerce and strength have increased, people have been drawn to the penetration of the Internet and payment on the internet market. 

Unfortunately, in their ambition to be the best and achieve instant fame and success, businesses frequently become scams. While eCommerce offers its benefits, it also comes with a significant risk of counterfeiting and scamming. Scamming via the Internet has a catastrophic effect on the victim, as it almost usually entails the victim being put in a financial bind.

Is the company legit? 

Company is part of a well-known marketing specialty. ‘This website is trendy, and it contains extensions in my languages, as well as login credentials on the homepage,’ they say. 

As a result, you’re probably already familiar with it and can continue to use it safely.’ Customers want to be sure that they are buying from a reputable company on a secure platform when they shop online. is absolutely untrustworthy and has been blacklisted for failing to deliver goods to clients. They have been accused of being con artists on numerous occasions. 

One of the most prevalent reasons is that they never deliver money and steal your confidential info, such as credit card passwords, as many scammers do. In terms of the current situation,, the biggest scam of the decade, has been taken down from the site. It’s a better thing it did because the fraud would have had a significant impact on the e-commerce sector!

Why did it get blacklisted?

According to customer complaints, the main reason for the uproar was that originally enticed clients to buy, but as soon as they did, problems arose. Another reason you should avoid trading on this site is that the online company’s faulty reasons have resulted in thousands of customers losing money. 

The website’s owner employed a service to keep their identity hidden. Maybe that person escaped being spammed, making it impossible to figure out who the genuine owner is. As a result, websites that hide their identities raise concerns and are more likely to be blacklisted. 

Furthermore, the website attracted few visitors, which is surprising given that it is neither small nor niche. Furthermore, the domain name was registered in a high-risk jurisdiction. You’re undoubtedly curious about which countries are high-risk. According to the International Banking Federation, these businesses have higher levels of fraud and corruption.

How did it steal from people & how much did it steal? 

Stealing Peoples Money

Scams on the net are always evolving and can take many different forms. In classical terms, the term refers to someone who defrauds or exploits victims, usually for financial benefit, using internet services or software. Companiesforyouthsome allegedly scammed victims of millions of dollars each year, and they continued to plague the Internet through various tactics, according to clients.

What are people’s opinions on this company? 

With a huge number of critical and positive reviews, many customers consider to be one of the most contentious online stores. 

They are claimed to be aggressively providing their services as a result of substantial promotion. More advertising resulted in more regular ad pages and pop-ups, unhappy customers, and fewer orders. When shopping for her wedding, one of the clients lost up to $3000. It was all the money she had, and it had made her so depressed that he had considered suicide. 

In another example, one consumer indicated that she would never be able to reclaim her $5000 from the site. Furthermore, one of the customers stated that everything had been well for a year and that she had continued to shop in the hopes of becoming one of the most loyal customers. 

Her account, however, was suspended shortly after she placed a significant order, resulting in a $10000 loss. Finally, one of the clients, Ayesha, shares her experience, saying, “I hope my experience helps educate other customers so that they do not fall into the traps established by as I did.” Suffering psychologically, physically, and emotionally has not been easy for me. ‘Now that I’ve lost everything, I wish this company would be destroyed from the inside out!’

Key Takeaways!


Aside from the company stated above, scammers abound in the online industry. The list of blacklisted firms is never-ending, and they are known as scammers due to their manipulative trading practices, lack of regulations, and failure to fulfill what they promised in the beginning.

Nonetheless, perform extensive and careful research before signing up with a broker! Look for bad reviews of the company. Keep an eye out for both negative and positive reviews. The most critical step you should take is to contact EZ Chargeback, a company that specializes in asset recovery. EZ Chargeback will assist you in recovering your stolen funds if you lose everything to fraud through its handy database



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