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Online shopping has improved into a convenient and effective way to manage transactions and securely send money. With the increased frequency of the scam, con artists have devised new ways to steal your money. 

As a result, it’s important to be aware of how much money people lose as a result of internet scams. The net can be a great way to make money, but it can also be a great way to lose money. 

For example, the FBI estimates that more than $1 billion was lost to online frauds in 2018. As individuals become more reliant on technology and less aware of the risks, this figure will only rise. 

People can lose money online in a variety of ways, but one of the most prevalent is through making an online payment. These frauds usually start with an email or text or an SMS from someone claiming to be from a reputable firm, such as PayPal or eBay, and asking for personal info. Your confidential information could be exploited to steal your identity or breach your account.

We will be better equipped to avoid these frauds in the future if we know how much funds people have lost as a result of them. One of the most well-known companies that engage in such frauds is Coolerones, which has been blacklisted as a result of its criminal conduct. is a four-year-old website in the United States that ensures safe and secure shopping. Coolerones has an average rating, with the majority of user reviews being negative.

Is a reputable broker or a rip-off? 


Despite the company’s promises to be registered and authentic, Coolerones has shown to be untrustworthy. It was run by a scam artist who stopped honoring his promises by failing to deliver orders to his customers. 

They followed a simple strategy. As soon as victims made payments, the scammers put money into their accounts. Other scammers used the same phone number, website theme, script, and payment mechanism as them.

They’re so crafty, and their power of persuasion is so strong that clients aren’t even given a chance to think about what they’re doing before they buy. Worst of all, scammers do not respond to victims, leaving them helpless and hopeless. 

As a result, anyone claiming big discounts or particular results is committing fraud. The Coolerones did precisely that! As a result, is clearly one of the largest web scams ever perpetrated.

What led to this company being blacklisted?’s website script, theme, and practically everything else have been likened to other blacklisted companies like CandyFuture, SuperGoMall, 1SuperShop, and ForYouthSome, among others. 

Coolerones appears to be part of the same cybercriminal ring with the same con goals. Second, a number of other banned businesses, including LuxuryBay, ShopMyBest, Sole Get, Poisly, SetComing, VStroll, Innavgoods, and others, have used the phone number they supplied on their website (1-626-456-6688). Isn’t that a little strange? Legitimate websites always provide a unique phone number that is not shared with other companies. “Your link to this site is not secure,” they say in another link. 


People should be wary of such links and should not enter sensitive information like passwords on them. In addition, Coolerones allowed customers to pay for their products using credit cards. 

However, they did not take any security precautions to protect the client’s credit card details. Hideous! How could anyone shop from this site if their credit card information isn’t safe?

How did it take money from people, and how much did it take? 

In order to collect financial or other sensitive personal information, cybercriminals may attempt to get in touch with potential victims via personal or professional email accounts, social networking sites, dating apps, or other techniques. 

Many effective online scams, like the ones described above, ended in the same manner: the victims either lost their funds or did not receive the funds promised by the fraudster. As a result, people were duped with substantial sums of money.

What are people’s opinions on this company? 

There have been numerous complaints about They said that the website would never deliver any of the products you paid for and that you might have to wait indefinitely after placing an order. 


The purpose of such prohibited businesses is to steal your bank information and sell it to other con artists who will construct a bogus card and steal all of your money. You might be asking if such scams actually happen in the real world. 

As a result, the answer is unmistakable yes. This is a terrible world in which we live. In an article, a potential customer of Coolerones called it the worst trading platform. ‘The worst trading site,’ he claims, “and they just stole $300 from my account.” They just did not fulfill his request. 

In a nutshell, Coolerone’s deception probably caused many customers to lose money. Their expensive fees and an abundance of potentially beneficial information on their website should have raised red flags right away. If you’ve been the victim of such fraud, the only way to speed up the process is to hire a recovery business like Ez chargeback and ignore the fact that Coolerones promised to refund your money. They would have returned by now if they had to! 

As a result, before making a purchase, we recommend doing some study on how to stay safe from online scams. Because legitimate businesses should not have grammatical or spelling errors, one should be on the watch for them at all times. Due to the fact that most organizations utilize the same domain for their URLs and email, paying strict attention to the email’s legitimacy may be advantageous. Finally, anything that appears strange is the most likely suspect. Keep your eyes open!

Key Takeaways!

Aside from the companies stated above, scammers abound in the online industry. The list of blacklisted firms is never-ending, and they are known as scammers due to their manipulative trading practices, lack of regulations, and failure to fulfill what they promised in the beginning.

Nonetheless, perform extensive and careful research before signing up with a broker! Look for bad reviews of the company. Keep an eye out for both negative and positive reviews. The most critical step you should take is to contact EZ Chargeback, a company that specializes in asset recovery. EZ Chargeback will assist you in recovering your stolen funds if you lose everything to fraud through its handy database. 

EZ Chargeback will assist you in recovering your stolen funds if you lose everything to fraud through its handy database.



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