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Disclaimer: The information on this document was based on information gathered during the website investigation period. Please note that the information provided might be outdated because there might have been changes on the investigated website (i.e. website had been suspended or website had changed owners and changed its content).

What Is DirectEnergy Limited About?

DirectEnergy Limited About us

DirectEnergy claims to be a British renewable intercontinental energy company that highly specializes in sustainable energy.

The company was founded back in 2015 with the backing of OFGEM Group, a British governmental management company. 

The company says that its headquarters are based in London, and operated in the UK, Spain, Australia, Italy, Japan, USA, and New Zealand. They also claim that since September 2021, they have had over three million domestic and business customers, which makes them the 4th largest energy supplier in the UK. Seems like a very big statement by a company that has no terms and conditions! You will learn more about this in this DirectEnergy Limited Review.

What Is DirectEnergy Limited Promising To The Clients

The company has mentioned on its website that they offer the easiest and fastest way to earn money by securing investments in your activities. 

They offer different packages for their clients, these include: 

  • 8% profit after 24 hours
  • 16% profit after 24 hours 
  • 33% profit after 48 hours
DirectEnergy Limited Offers

Is Directenergy Limited Legit Or A Scam?

Licensed offshore brokers are the only ones that you should trust. Read this DirectEnergy Limited review further to know can DirectEnergy Limited be trusted.

The above section will clear all your doubts and answer your question is DirectEnergy Limited a scam?

Is DirectEnergy Limited Licensed?

FCA has tagged DirectEnergy Limited as a cloud of FCA Authorized firms. Moreover, based on FCA DirectEnergy Limited is a fake website that is copying a legit company.

The authorized firm is FCA. We looked for a lot more information about the company on the UK business registry since it claims to operate in the UK. However, no company information was found at all in gov.UK. It looks like they had copied the registration information, (Company number/ Registration/ Certificates) of an existing company and added it all to their website, and say that it is theirs. 

Moving on, there are no terms and conditions on their website at all. There is a lot of information that is missing. A legit company that offers financial services should have Terms and Conditions however that is not the case with them which is why people are asking Is DirectEnergy Limited a Scam? 

Terms and conditions provide legal backing for a company and legal protection for all investors involved. This raises suspicion regarding the company.

DirectEnergy Limited FCA Details

DirectEnergy Limited Opinions On Review Sites, Social Media, And Contact Information

We checked out reviews on different websites like Scam Advisor, and there are mixed reviews found.

Some sites claim that DirectEnergy Limited is legit, however, others claim that it is a complete scam. However, we believe that it is nothing but a scam eleven though the rating is high. Many factors contribute to this suspicion. These include: 

  • The website owner is hiding his/her identity on WHOIS using paid service
  • The website has low traffic or the website popularity
  • The website has been registered recently
  • No phone number is provided 
  • There is no social media presence at all
  • The email address mentioned is blocked. The server prevents me from verifying.
DirectEnergy Limited Trust Rating

Comparing DirectEnergy Limited To Well-Established Companies

If we compare DirectEnergy Limited Market to well-established companies like Binance, we can see a huge difference.

For instance, Finance is a company that is known worldwide for providing reliable services. They offer better and more secure investments and offers, there is better training for newbies on crypto and there is a community that is built under the company. Their website is a professional one that comes with all the terms and conditions. They have a social media presence as well and do not have bad reviews. People are quite happy investing in the company and earning good bucks in return.

How To Get Your Money Back If You Were Scammed By DirectEnergy Limited?

One thing you always need to keep in mind is to never invest in an unregulated offshore brokerage.

This raises suspicion that the company is a fake. If it takes your money, it is hard to get it back since it is not registered. Moreover, offshore brokerage increased regulatory scrutiny, and the costs associated with it are high. 

DirectEnergy Limited is Marked as having suspicious activities going on which all investors out there should watch out for. You always need to keep yourself safe from such companies. 

If you do get scammed, you need to get in touch with Ezy Chargebacking which helps people get their money back from scammers. The website is a reliable one and helps track your scammer. You won’t have to worry at all.

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Key Takeaways!

In this Direct Energy Limited Review, it can be agreed that the company is a complete scam and people should keep themselves safe from them and companies like them. 

Always make sure to look out for the red flags to keep your money safe. You never know who is trying their best to scam you! If you have encountered yourself in a similar situation then worry not because we are here to help. 

Ez Chargeback has a team of trained professionals who you can reach out to for any and all questions. We will respond to you within the next few hours and help you set off on your road to asset recovery. Here at Ez Chargeback we do the research for you so that you do not have to research the best asset recovery companies in town. We will direct you to the most suitable asset recovery team depending on your case and requirements.

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