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Disclaimer: The information on this document was based on information gathered during the website investigation period. Please note that the information provided might be outdated because there might have been changes on the investigated website (i.e. website had been suspended or website had changed owners and changed its content).

What is EcofxGlobal About? homepage

EcofxGlobal places itself in the minds of consumers as a platform for investment management development, in simple words, it claims to be an online brokerage platform.

They believe they are best suited for managers of hedge funds as well as Forex, stock, bond, and cryptocurrency traders interested in operating a pool trading system.

EcofxGlobal asserts that it will simplify the investing, monitoring, and management procedures. According to them, setting up investment management utilizing their secure and engaging mobile-first architecture and a default front-end design would take just a few minutes.

What is EcofxGlobal Offering its Customers?

The company claims to offer numerous investment plans to consumers in hopes to rob them of their money. The investment plans that they have displayed on their website are all outlined on their website, however, what we can see is that their plans have been duplicated from similar blacklisted scam sites. I personally would not want to invest with a company that could not even come up with its own investment plans! Furthermore, their website also offers consumers numerous promises which many have reported that EcofxGlobal did not keep up with! services

Is EcofxGlobal Legit or a Scam?

Is EcofxGlobal fraudulent? Let’s find out!

EcofxGlobal is an investing business without a license. The difficulty with uncontrolled investing businesses is that they violate the regulations and are unreliable. EcofxGlobal should be avoided due to the fact that they operate anonymously and may vanish at any moment. Without a license, businesses that offer online investing services cannot safeguard their customers.

To verify that you are working with trustworthy and regulated investment business, you should be able to readily identify the CEO of this corporation. A severe red flag is a lack of knowledge since you do not know who will be managing your money. In light of this, EcofxGlobal is a dangerous investing business.

Whether or whether you have profits, if you want a withdrawal, they will delay it for months. After six months, you will no longer be able to request a chargeback, and your funds will be irretrievably lost. No matter how often you remind them or request that they delete it, you will not get a refund. So that you know the answer to your question, can you trust EcofxGlobal?

EcofxGlobal is another unregulated forex broker, which means that customers are not protected and they are very likely to steal your money due to the absence of a regulating body to hold them responsible. certificate

Is EcofxGlobal Licensed?

In order to add legitimacy to their so-called authentic business, EcofxGlobal has presented a registration number which is as follows, 23849923, however upon checking this company number on the official Gov.Uk website we cannot find any registered company. Now, if this isn’t a red flag then I don’t know what is! 

Moreover, while doing additional investigative research, it was also found that this company has numerous reviews on authentic review sites which claim that EcofxGlobal has presented false information in terms of when the company was registered, where it was registered, and how it was formulated. 

Regarding the company’s terms and conditions, their website is lacking a significant amount of material entirely. However, we were unable to find any documentation of this kind on the website, which is problematic given that the terms and conditions provide investors and the firm itself with legal assistance and protection. The credibility of the website would be called into further question as a result of this. Is it safe to invest with EcofxGlobal? The short answer is no, according to us.

Opinion of EcofxGlobal on Trustpilot and On Social Media Platforms

What’s the first thing we do when we shop online, check the reviews right?! Similarly, while availing services online, it should also be your go-to move! That is exactly what we did in the case of EcofxGlobal, and guess what we found? The company had no social media accounts, in this day and age, how is that even possible?! 

Additionally, the company hasn’t even provided any information about its owners. There is no face of the company on the website, social media, or even on LinkedIn. There is no human personality attached to EcofxGlobal. So, if what the people are saying about EcofxGlobal is in fact 100% true, then we cannot really hold anyone accountable now, can we? 

We then went on to reliable review sites to see what they had to say about EcofxGlobal and the verdict on TrustPilot was that this company should not be trusted at all! Apparently, they have duped numerous innocent individuals of their money and there is no stopping them. trust score

Comparing EcofxGlobal to Well Established Companies in The Same Industry

By the number of daily trades, the site Wixi is very reliable in this industry. If we compare EcofxGlobal to Wixi, we can see that there is a magnitude of difference. Let’s start with the investment plans they are offering. The plans presented on Wixi look out for both, the supplier and the consumer – however in the case of EcofxGlobal, the plans only look out for the company and not really the investor. 

Additionally, even the website itself, the Wixi website is authentic, they are transparent, and have provided all the relevant information an investor would ask for, such as a company registration number, office locations, the owner of the company, and so much more. However, EcofxGlobal has disregarded all of this information. 

An increasing number of cons and hoaxes promise great rates of return on investment. Before making any payments or transfers, you should proceed with extreme care and do your own research to validate the legitimacy of the project or website in question.

Do you suspect that someone had scammed you?

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How Can You Get Your Money Back if You Have Been Scammed by EcofxGlobal?

Your money is never completely secure while they are held by an unlicensed broker, thus you should make a withdrawal as soon as you can.

This is the point at which things start to become complicated. If you have already given them money and they refuse to give it back to you, there may be one or two ways for you to get your money back.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you save the emails as evidence that you sought a refund of your money but that they either denied your request or delayed the process for an unreasonable amount of time.

Reclaiming your money with a chargeback should be your first step! And you must start taking action right now! You should get in touch with your financial institution or credit card provider and explain that you have been tricked into making a deposit for an unlicensed trading firm that is refusing to give you your money back.

We are able to lend you a hand if this is your first time submitting a chargeback if you are unclear about how to present your case to your bank or credit card issuer, or if you have never done any of these things before. The team at Ez Chargeback is ready at all times of the day and night to help you in recouping your lost money from EcofxGlobal. Our previous customers have benefited from our assistance in recovering millions of dollars. If you would want us to handle this for you, please fill out our claims form so that we can get the process started.

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