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Funds Recovery is an Israel based firm that specializes in financial assets recovery. The company has offices in countries like the USA, and even Australia. It offers multiple services around the world.

The number of online scams has increased in recent years. Every year, millions fall for online trading scams, cryptic scams etc. Fortunately enough, Funds Recovery specializes in handling trading frauds like Binary Options, Crypto Currencies, CFDs and Forex Scams.

It also provides free consultation to clients who have lost their assets in scams and want to get them back. The firm’s site hosts one of the largest databases of scamming firms. This helps not only the victims but also everybody else as well to check that they are not getting scammed by shady enterprises. – recovery process

The firm follows a simple but highly effective procedure to solve the cases and recover the lost money.

It first listens to the clients, Understanding all the case details and analyzing if at all the money is actually recoverable. Then with a get-go from the client, it starts working on the case. The firm assigns an experienced team to handle the recovery process. This individual works step by step gathering all the evidence and builds up a strong case against the fraud company.

The huge number of cases the company has already solved may well ensure that the fraud company is one it has previously come across. In that case, the proceedings become even simpler.

Though there is no fixed time duration of the case, Funds Recovery can finish solving a simple case well between a few weeks to a few months depends on the complexity of the case.  This period is shorter than what the general recovery sites offer.

Which services do they provide?

The company provides a database of scam brokers for all its clients and every online user to stay safe from unregulated trading scams and fraudsters. Funds Recovery prides itself in solving cases that involve binary options scams, Cryptocurrency scams, and Forex trading scams.  The company offers

Below explained are some of these most common online scams and how to identify such scams being an online trader.

Forex Scams

Forex scams are a major problem and its victims hail from places spread across the world. The primary target for such scams is inexperienced investors.  The scammers usually set up fake social media accounts that feature young attractive people, with big houses and wads of cash, who claim to have earned the whole thing via the particular app.

Even experienced people fall for such schemes. Thus a major cause of people losing money online is their inability arising out of inexperience to gauge the authenticity of a particular scheme. Users trust the scammers with their hard-earned money and then lose it all to no avail.

Crypto Currencies Scams

The entire cryptocurrency market has reached a total traded capitalization of nearly $2 trillion dollars in just 10 years. Still, it is a very unpredictable form of currency whose value may soar at one moment and fall in the next. The volatility of the cryptocurrency has not however deterred investors trying to make a quick buck and this is where the scammers take advantage of the innocence of traders.

Binary Options Scams

Binary Options is another major way in which people lose a lot of funds online. Unlike in the stock market, users here do not buy a particular stock but guess its net worth at a particular time. If their guess is right, they get the initial investment along with a profit. If wrong, they lose the invested money.

Though the proposition sounds fair, its operation by unregistered brokers or automated bots rigs the entire process. Scammers can generate such scenarios constantly where the results are always against the investor, resulting in them losing loads of money.

Sometimes the brokers may appeal to the users to invest more funds for higher payouts. When the time for such payouts arise they may refuse to credit user accounts. The fraudsters can also steal user identities as one needs to provide some personal information before trading.

CFD scams

Contract For Difference is a derivative form of trading which gives the traders an ability to bet on the changing currency prices, assets value, etc.

This is a lucrative way of earning money if the speculations are correct.

The fraudsters usually set up sites claiming to give huge returns within only a few hours of trading. They claim to be brokers who can assist users with trading. When giving personal details to such sites, users not only jeopardize the money they earn from such a site but also risk identity theft.

In countries like the USA, CFD trading is even more unsafe as the government does not regulate any of the brokers.


Funds Recovery offers an initial free consultation for clients to understand their options.

After that, though the prices charged depend totally on the case, its complexity. The amount that the firm will charge can be set only after studying the case and if the funds are recoverable.

The huge number of cases solved by the firm helps the customers in two ways. First, it gives the customers assurance that the company has the experience and is adept at handling such online frauds and increases their chance of money recovery. Second, with all such cases solved, the company maintains a database of unregulated fraud broker sites on its website. Any online user can refer to this to stay safe from internet scams.

Customer Service

The customer service department at Funds Recovery is contactable via email – Customers can also reach out to the firm via telephone.

  • IL: +972779725419
  • Aus: +61386521285
  • US: +16468447451
  • SW: +41315082625

Clients can also contact directly via the website by registering and filling up a form providing the case details and personal details like name, number, and email address.


Funds Recovery is a very successful online assets recovery firm that offers quick results to customers around the world. It has solved a huge number of online fraud cases. This gives the firm a lot of experience and know-how.

The company handles all kinds of cases at every level. The ultimate goal is to provide customer satisfaction and recover the lost money.

The straight forward approach solves the case as quickly as possible.

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