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It can be difficult for those who invest in online trading to determine whether money was lost due to the inherent risks of trading or was illegally stolen, and it can be nearly impossible to determine if you have been a victim of a forex broker scam without professional assistance.

Trading in the foreign currency market is always risky, and if your funds are mismanaged, you could lose money. This is not to say that losing money as a result of mishandled funds is acceptable. True, no one can guarantee that what has been lost will be recovered, but in most cases, at least a portion of the investment can be recovered. The first step is to report the scammers so that legal authorities can intervene and freeze any funds that have been obtained.

Inform the cops about the broker. This should be the first step in notifying the appropriate authorities. Contact your bank to have the transactions blocked if you used a debit or credit card. Confirm that the Forex broker is regulated so that you can rely on the country’s regulatory authorities, if possible. Consult a forex lawyer if you can afford it. Finally, contact a fund recovery firm such as Funds Trace to recover your funds. 

As was the case with AFX Capital Markets Ltd and PlexCorps, investors who expose a fraudster may be eligible for compensation from an Investor Compensation Fund. As a result, it is critical to always report as soon as possible. Staying silent will not help you or others who have been duped by these shady characters.

Scammers made a record $14 billion in cryptocurrencies in 2021 as a result of the rise of decentralised finance (Defi) services. Defi is a rapidly emerging and expanding segment of the crypto industry that uses blockchain technology to remove intermediaries, such as banks, from traditional financial activities such as loan acquisition. 

Losses from crypto-related crime increased by 79 percent year over year, owing to an increase in theft and scams. In 2021, the most common cryptocurrency-related crime was scumming, followed by theft, the majority of which was committed through cryptocurrency firm hacking.

Funds Trace: The Fund Recovery Industry & Its Consultation Services 



Nowadays, there are numerous types of scams, particularly those conducted online. Trading scams, such as forex and CFD scams, are becoming increasingly common. 

Online scams such as social media scams, cash app scams, romance scams, and so on are sweeping the fraud world. If you are a victim of scamming, you are not alone, so contact your local funds recovery company. 

Fund recovery firms are plentiful nowadays, but they are all equally important. Scams are on the rise, so it’s critical to partner with a company that can help you recover your money. Funds Trace is one of the world’s top fund recovery companies. As online and crypto scam recovery specialists, they have assisted countless victims of scams in recovering their stolen funds. 

Funds Trace- Online and Crypto Scam Recovery Specialists 

Funds Trace is a fine establishment that requires no introduction. It is one of the best funds recovery companies in the world, having recovered approximately $150,000 of its clients’ hard-earned money. 

Funds Recovery Companies Offer Legal Protection

Have you ever been concerned about funds recovery companies that are not legitimate? A slew of regulations now govern the asset collection industry, and knowledgeable clients will not hesitate to sue in court if their rights are violated. 

Asset recovery firms understand this, which is why they are well-versed in the law. Third-party collection firms are well-versed in both federal collection restrictions and the laws of the states in which they are regulated. Allowing a fraud collection company to recover payments on your behalf eliminates the legal risks associated with recovering funds on your own. 

Documentation of Scammers 

Conversations between scammers and collection agencies are recorded. If you try to prosecute a fraudster in the future, the fund recovery agency will keep complete records of every attempt to contact the scammer. This documentation shows the court that you went to great lengths to recover the money you were defrauded of.

Increased efficiency and efficacy 

Traditional paper-based processes are inefficient, prone to human error, and frequently require the intervention of a third party.

By streamlining these processes with Claimers, transactions can be completed faster and more efficiently. The blockchain can store both documentation and transaction data, eliminating the need for paper exchange.

Consultation of Common Cryptocurrency Scams From Funds Recovery 



IRS criminal investigators see cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens as ideal for fraud, such as money laundering, price manipulation, and tax evasion – and celebrities may be caught up in the agency’s blunders. 

As digital assets became more mainstream and popular, government agencies became increasingly concerned, with regulators grappling with how to monitor the tokens and implement enforcement measures to deter investors from engaging in illegal activity. During fiscal year 2021, IRS agents seized $3.5 billion in cryptocurrencies linked to financial crimes, accounting for 93% of all assets seized by the division during that time period.

IRS CI ended the year with 80 unresolved cases in its inventory, all of which involved a crypto-related principal violation. Law enforcement officials are concerned about a number of illegal activities. They are concerned when they see investors paying billions of dollars for assets such as NFTs that do not appear to have that type of inherent value. This can be used by bad actors to launder money from illegal activities such as drug trafficking. NFTs and cryptocurrency in general are ripe for market manipulation.

The Funds Recovery Process for Crypto Scams

Find Your Transaction IDs (TXIDs)


Before they can begin tracing your assets, investigators will need all of the transaction IDs identifying the funds you sent to the scammers. 

With these transaction IDs, investigators will be able to “track the money” and discover where your coins are going. While conducting an investigation without transaction IDs is still possible, understanding them can help to speed up the process and eliminate potential pitfalls.

What is a transaction ID, and how do I find out what it is? 


On most blockchains, a transaction ID (TXID) is a unique string of letters and numbers that represents a record of a cryptocurrency transfer from one address to another. 

The transaction hash is a term that is used to describe this on occasion. This hash contains data such as the date and time, sending and receiving addresses, transaction amounts, and fees, among other things. A Bitcoin transaction hash, for example, is a 65-digit hexadecimal number. Depending on the exchange or wallet you’re using, you may need to dig deeper into your transaction information to find the transaction ID. TXIDs are not available from every exchange or wallet. Because most blockchains are accessible to the general public, you should be able to locate them using blockchain explorer websites such as 

Writing your Narrative


A clear and concise account of your occurrence will add colour to your case and improve an investigator’s understanding of the money movement. 

All transaction IDs, where you sent your cryptocurrency from (private wallet, exchange X, etc.), where you thought you were transferring your funds (perpetrator’s private wallet, arbitrage account at XYZ, etc.), and any facts about the scam and scammers should be included in your story. In most cases, law enforcement will also demand proof of ownership of the original source of the funds. Please confirm that any accounts you used to pay the scammers are still active. 

Building your Case


Many people believe that if the evidence is found, everything will be fine. This, however, is not the case. From here, team members will begin the paperwork for your case. 

To avoid rejection by the financial institutions involved, the data is organized in an efficient, effective, and feasible manner. This necessitates a thorough understanding of legal documentation, which is why Funds Trace exists!

Contacting Funds Trace


Funds Trace is a service that assists cryptocurrency theft and fraud victims. Funds Trace Professional Services can assist you with every stage of the recovery process, from investigation to assisting law enforcement in writing subpoenas for witnesses to testify in support of their analysis for larger losses. To contextualize their findings, investigators will still need transaction IDs and a detailed narrative for the hack.

Contacting Law Enforcement 


Reporting mechanisms for cybercrime, such as crypto fraud, differ by country. When it comes to recovering lost cryptocurrencies, several factors must be considered, including the amount of money lost, the obfuscation tactics used, and whether or not the funds were transferred to a licenced exchange. 

While Funds Trace is used in most cases, regardless of the amount of bitcoin lost, many law enforcement agencies have investigative value thresholds. If your fraudster is ever subjected to a larger investigation, filing a complaint with federal authorities will increase your chances of asset recovery.

Money Recovery 


This is the final stage of the rehabilitation procedure. At this point, their recovery specialists devise a tailored solution for resolving the issue, which may include going directly to the fraudster or enlisting the help of third parties. 

They first try to approach the fraudster directly, stating the facts and warning them of the dangers. The majority of the time, they are required to repay the money. If that fails, their team has a back-up plan in place that includes financial institutions. They’ve partnered with payment processors such as Transferwise, Paypal, and others to assist them in recovering your funds! They are successful in recovering your funds because they have extensive industry experience, and this is not the first time they have approached a fraudulent organization.

You must understand that cash recovery professionals can do things for you that no one else can. While some people start their investigation by looking for scammers, Funds Trace has most likely already encountered these con artists. As a result, they’re making great strides toward the objectives you’ve set for yourself. When you give Funds Trace the name of the broker who duped you, they quickly figure out who is to blame. This enables Funds Trace to contact the appropriate parties and request that your funds be returned. When you speak with the cops in your neighborhood, you will be bombarded with questions because the officers are unsure where to begin. 

You don’t want to be in that situation if you’re already annoyed. One of the issues preventing customers and dealers like you from pursuing these matters on your own is a lack of power. To these internet con artists, you are just another person. When you contact them and request a refund, they rarely take you seriously. They’ll take your phone number and never call you again after a few calls. 

While you’re attempting to contact them, they’re busy deceiving someone else. Funds Trace, on the other hand, has the potential to completely reverse the situation. You can be confident that if you contact these fraudsters and inform them of how they may be discovered using a professional fund recovery company, they will cooperate.

Reviews, Reviews and Reviews!!




The first step in selecting a funds recovery firm is to visit their website and read the reviews. In the case of the Claimers, their website is littered with five-star reviews about how people received their hard-earned cashback. Furthermore, their website claims to have recovered $150,000 from scams, which is no small sum.

When deciding which funds recovery company to hire, a more personal touch is sometimes required. In the case of Funds Trace, my friend contacted them based on word-of-mouth recommendations. My friend’s friend had been scammed, but she was overjoyed when she discovered Funds Trace on their website, and she hasn’t looked back since. My friend was equally pleased with her experience. 

We interviewed a few Funds Trace customers, and this is what they had to say about their experience.

“Funds Trace literally saved my life!” My credit card was stolen while I was eating at a restaurant, and the person who stole it hacked into my internet accounts and went on a global shopping spree, draining my account significantly. However, thanks to Funds Trace, I was able to fully recover the stolen funds in the most straightforward and secure manner possible. I must say, their recovery process is fantastic! – Luke Percy

“I was a victim of a cryptocurrency scam a few months ago and had no idea how to deal with it.” That’s when I learned about this investigative organisation, and I must say, they’re fantastic! All of the investigation and recovery strategies were so precise, timed, and effective that they were able to recover my money quickly. They provided me with the best advice they could. I had no prior knowledge of scams or how they work, but they guided me through the entire process and assisted me in recovering my funds.” Jessica Jones

“Through a dating app, a woman defrauded me, stealing approximately $57,000 – THIS WAS A LARGE AMOUNT FOR ME!! Then a friend told me about Funds Trace and how they helped him get his money back. When I contacted them, they had recovered the entire amount in less than a month.” James Carnes

Catch your Online Scammer and Recover Your Money Now with The Help of Funds Trace 


There are companies that can help you recover your funds. Instead of going through the hassle of finding a lawyer or waiting for police feedback, the best thing you can do is contact a funds recovery company like Funds Trace. 

A funds recovery firm is your ally and will walk you through the entire process. If you wait too long, you may experience anxiety and depression. In the long run, this will cause irreparable harm. As a result, you should contact a funds recovery company as soon as possible. 

So, what are you holding out for? Don’t be afraid to reach out. Contact Funds Trace right away to get your money back as soon as possible.

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