How to Avoid Bidding on Online Scam Auctions

Fraud in online auctions may seem like a minimal offense; nonetheless, it can have significant repercussions.

Even fraud committed through eBay could result in criminal charges being brought at the federal or state level, which could result in severe jail sentences. Suppose you have been accused of committing fraud on eBay or any other form of the Internet auction. In that case, you should see a lawyer who is able to give you vigorous legal defense whenever you face such accusations.

Bidding on Online Scam Auctions

Read this article further to discover how to save yourself from online auction scams.

Internet auction fraud involves fake advertisements on auction sites such as eBay or Gumtree. The vendor is either selling items that do not exist or is selling the same thing to everyone who bid on the article, saying that the person who won the auction no longer wants the goods and that they are the next highest bidder. Alternatively, the seller is selling products that do not exist.

Over £27million lost to scams involving crypto and forex investments in 2018/19

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How Does an Online Auction Fraud Take Place?

Online Auction Fraud

When something is acquired through an online auction, the item’s seller is not the auction house itself (like eBay or Gumtree) but rather an individual or a business.

The online auction platform only acts as a platform that makes it possible for users to conduct business with one another. As standard practice, it does not accept any legal liability for any losses that may be incurred as a result of utilizing its service.

After the end of the auction, the buyer and seller will negotiate the terms of the payment for the purchase as well as the delivery of the item(s). The auction website will not issue a refund of any kind in the event that the item is not delivered after it has been paid for or if it is not what was represented on the auction. The burden of initiating contact with the seller in order to negotiate an appropriate settlement continues to rest with the purchaser.

The Trade Practices Act does not include coverage for statutory warranties for products that have been purchased through an auction. The seller is responsible for giving a clear title to the buyer, guaranteeing that the items are exactly as described, and delivering the goods in accordance with the terms of the agreement. Although they were paid for the goods, several dishonest individuals have sold significant quantities of them on the internet but have made no attempt to deliver them.


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How Can You Protect Yourself Against Online Auction Fraud?

Here are a few actionable steps you can take to avoid falling victim to online auction fraud:

Before you place a bid, you should ensure that you have as much information as possible regarding the operation of the auction, your responsibilities as a buyer, and the seller’s responsibilities.

Find out what the auction house does if there is an issue, and think about getting the transaction and the cargo insured.

Because of the disparity in legal systems between Australia and other countries, resolving any issues that may arise with an auction transaction may be far more challenging if the seller is located in a country other than Australia.

Investigate the vendor’s past transactions, both on this particular website and throughout the internet in general. Talk to the vendor about your worries by asking them questions about them.

Scam Warning

Investigate the vendor as much as you can, which is especially important if the only piece of information you have is an email address.

Verification of the seller’s identification and contact information should take place before any payment is made for an auction transaction. This is necessary for the event that there is a problem with the delivery of the item.

Maintain communication using the email and messaging facility provided by the auction house in order to provide a level of transparency in the event that there are any issues.

Find out which type of payment the vendor prefers, as well as how they want the money sent to them. When making purchases on eBay, customers are afforded some kind of safety by the use of services such as PayPal. It is possible that the level of protection afforded to you through the auction website will be diminished if you choose to make a payment directly into a person’s bank account.

Inquire with the vendor about the anticipated delivery date and, in the event that there is a problem with the product, whether or not it is covered by a guarantee and whether or not it can be exchanged.

Scam Alert

Send packages through registered mail so that they can be tracked. This will help eliminate any allegations that the package was mailed or that it was lost while being delivered by the post office. Discover further information from Australia Post.

Verify that the information provided on the auction account matches the information provided for the email address, bank account, and location.

Utilize the services of an escrow agency whenever there is even the slightest possibility of a problem with the honesty of a seller participating in an online auction. An escrow agent is a neutral third party that acts as a trustee for the buyer’s payment until the buyer receives and acknowledges that the seller has provided the item that was agreed upon in the transaction. 

There is a cost associated with using this service; however, purchasers are safeguarded because the fee is held by a third party until the items have been received and validated. Checking the integrity of the escrow agent is also important because many con artists will construct their own website in order to assist the customer in being defrauded.

Be wary of items that are being sold at a price much lower than their average cost.

Phishing Scam

Key Takeaways!

Do not engage in business with the seller if you have any concerns about their character, and move forward with caution keeping in mind all warning signs!

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