Inside the Rise of the Crypto Influencers

Do you have a plan for introducing the media and, by extension, the rest of the world to your cryptocurrency project?

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By enlisting the assistance of crypto influencers in the realms of sports, show business, politics, or any number of other fields, you can bring in new clients, investors, and partners. However, this is not always as simple as it seems.

Over £27million lost to scams involving crypto and forex investments in 2018/19

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Inside the Rise of the Cryptocurrency Hype-Men

What Kind of Crypto Influencers Should You Go For?

Celebrities are one of the best ways to contact your audience.

Celebrities are social media influencers with millions of followers (e.g., football players are followed by fans who want to be like them). These guys have an extensive network and can swiftly promote your ICO/blockchain project.

However, they shouldn’t be picked at random. Find someone that matches your target audience, has a strong social media presence, and can promote. If your initiative is artistic, fashion influencers will support it. Tech YouTubers can reach tech-savvy audiences and go into details. Check their past too. Avoid them if they participated in shady ICOs or NFT sales.


The Impact of the Right Kind of Influencers

When consumers are making decisions, they tend to go toward things they can trust, which is why micro-cryptocurrency influencers have a significant impact.

Compared to other influencer types, micro-influencers have engagement rates that are 60% higher and generate 22% more social conversation buzz.

People are more likely to follow the advice of crypto influencers who appear to be familiar with the day-to-day realities of the industry than they are of polished pictures supported by powerful marketing teams.

As you can already tell, blockchain marketing campaigns and micro-influencers go hand in hand. Both of them cater to extremely niche clientele with specialized interests.

5 Simple Steps For a Successful Influencer Campaign

Crypto influencers are essential for any kind of blockchain marketing campaign. What, therefore, should you consider when organizing a campaign through them?

  • Your advertising strategy must align with the type of content that influencers provide to their audience.
  • Make sure the influencer speaks clearly about their experience with your logo or product rather than just placing it in the backdrop.
  • Take on long-term initiatives with influencers because this is the best approach to understanding their audience.
  • Give the influencers you’ve chosen some rules and a media schedule for the material.

·  Connect as partners with the influencers you’ve chosen. This will give your blockchain project a reliable marketing channel.

Crypto Scams


With how easy it is for scammers to acquire your data, it’s reasonable to be alarmed. Protect yourself and your loved ones by getting advice from experts. 

We will guide and even help you get your money back from scammers.

Crypto Influencers: Celeb Examples

Logan Paul, a popular YouTuber, pushed the NFT project “CryptoZoo” last year.

Paul said he spent almost $1M on the collection. With minimal changes since May 2022, the price dropped from around $1000 per NFT to $100 and lower. Paul also abandoned the idea.

It could be worse. Daniel Hernandez, better known as Tekashi 6ix9ine, was scammed. He promoted the NFT virtual avatar collection Trollz Collection 9,669 in December 2021. Later, a Trollz Discord channel moderator spammed owners with harmful links and lured them into money-making scams.

Individual consumers lost up to $40,000. The blockchain gaming, governance rights, and charitable donations proposals also failed. Recently, Tekashi removed his posts regarding Trollz.

This shouldn’t happen. Bella Hadid released her CY-B3LLA NFTs with reBASE in May. 11,111 NFTs create “geo-based characteristics” in 10 real-world regions. It consistently attracted interest and praise from digital art critics and collectors because of the high quality of the photographs and geolocation components.

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What Can Go Wrong

Many don’t comprehend crypto and its benefits. Crypto businesses require effective audience communication to grow. How to gain trust?

Massive crypto frauds are common to anyone following the space. What causes this?

Lack of crypto trust is the answer. Consider $60 billion worth of Terra Coins disappearing algorithmically, the Axie Infinity game hack, and $615 million in goods taken. Users who wish to use these platforms or services but don’t trust them may be hesitant. No one warned them. Nobody properly interacted with them, exposing them to large ad campaigns.

Where Does This Leave Us?

Creating a newsworthy crypto story is difficult.

It’s tough but not impossible. Knowing your narrative and who to present it to is key. Consider your community’s diverse interests and expertise levels. Some prefer business, others tech. Some will be satisfied reading about your project, while others want to understand it.

Each media source requires a new pitch. Consider their prior articles and angle. Read your interviewer’s previous work. Explain goals. Your project’s potential will inspire the journalist to produce a better article.

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Why Journalism Still Matters in Crypto

Journalism provides facts and truth, which the crypto industry needs more than ever. To build customer trust, you need effective media relations.

Journalists must ask challenging, often harsh questions. Most seek to safeguard readers from scams and losses. If a journalist unfairly criticizes your project, ignore it. There are others who will honestly assess and support it.

Why Paid Commercial Company News & Press Releases Are Not Effective

Commercial company press releases are boring. You want your paid ad to be viewed by many. Paid advertising only reaches users who have visited your website or social media pages. They wouldn’t be on your site without knowing you.

“JOIN OUR ICO NOW!” is a paid Facebook ad message. Because of your anonymity, 99% of your viewers will ignore it. The other 1% will click through just because the term “ICO” intrigued them. This probably wasn’t your goal.

This is why you need a captivating story and a brand. Long-term success requires searchability and verifiability. Paid advertising never does.

Even worse are press releases. Nobody understands them. The story is absent, and the language is complex. Don’t feel flattered when publications run them. This is bad since journalists don’t care about your release.

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Crypto Influencers: In Conclusion

Your organization needs tech and communication skills to create this content.

Hire a trusted partner, influencer, or comms lead to handle content and PR. Crypto is code, but your clients need words to understand it.

Be clear and remember that money, NFT avatars, and blockchain addresses represent people. Communicate clearly and honestly regardless of technology.

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