Is Amazon Automation Legit or Scam?

Amazon Automation

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What is Amazon Automation?

Amazon automation is a collection of procedures and/or tools that automatically carry out some common business actions and workflows. 

Chatbots, demand forecasting, order entry, and fulfilment are a few examples. Nearly two-thirds of the global industry leaders surveyed by McKinsey are experimenting with automation in one or more business divisions or functions. 

Similar to how robots automate assembly lines on factory floors, Amazon automation streamlines your business operations to increase efficiency, which boosts profitability. And it makes running your business simpler.However, amazon automation software robots are only sometimes required for Amazon automation. 

This is why Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is seen as a form of automation. Inventory management, product packing, and shipping are all handled for you. Automatically. So, the first step toward Amazon automation is registering as an FBA seller. But that might not be your final or only step. This article probes something new:  Amazon Automation Scam.

Is This Really Automation?

Order fulfilment is one of the repetitive operations handled by amazon’s robotic automation process. Although “automation” generally connotes a robot or piece of software, this isn’t always the case. Another definition of automation is a service that handles these everyday tasks on your behalf.

Isn’t Amazon Automation a Big Scam?

Is amazon automation legit or a scam?

Some legitimate automation services cost a lot of money. They merely take care of your menial FBA management duties. 

Others raise serious red flags. Particularly when they promise to take care of everything for you and say you can generate money by doing nothing. Upon closer analysis, it becomes apparent that these businesses are using some rather dangerous business strategies on behalf of their customers’ Amazon accounts, significantly increasing the likelihood that these accounts may be suspended.

What are the Risks of Using an Amazon Automation Service?

  • A lot of automation companies use drop shipping with merchants. This breaches the Terms of Service for Amazon. 
  • Dropshipping is not very practical, even when done by wholesalers. Because it is an FBM model, fewer sales will result because you can’t win the buy box. 
  • Agencies frequently forge their client testimonials, employ salespeople or workers, or make promises that are broken in the fine print. Due to the NDA that consumers are required to sign, you hardly ever see negative reviews. 
  • A lot of businesses lack even merchant accounts. Thus, you must wire their charge in order to use them. With this cost, which is frequently over $30K, there is no assurance that Amazon won’t suspend your account. 
  • Refund policies don’t exist or are disregarded.
  • The bottom line: These companies can take $30K from you, suspend your account, and provide you virtually nothing in return. In fact, Beau has proof that at least 20 individuals from only ONE agency have committed this offense. That amounts to $600,000 that the agency has received without providing any deliverables to the client.

What Are the Advantages of Amazon Automation?

  • As an Amazon seller, you reclaim your time and generate passive revenue. 
  • If you have more free time, you might focus on other investments or build your firm more quickly. 
  • You can increase client satisfaction. 
  • More sales and recurring business result from improved customer service. 
  • There might be fewer mistakes made during order processing. 
  • If you choose a private label approach, your company may grow and be sold more quickly. This can be 3-5 times its yearly revenue.

Can You Really Make Money With Amazon Automation?

In 2022, leveraging Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) network for private label sales will continue to be the greatest way to profit on the site.

Approximately 67% of all Amazon sellers operate using the private label strategy. Considering this, It may answer your question if “is amazon automation a good investment.” Making a pre-existing product under your own brand, adding your branding and logos to it, and then selling it to customers is known as private labeling.

It’s also known as white labeling or brand building at times. (The practice has been around for years and is widespread in many retail establishments; two examples of private label brands are Walmart’s Great Value and Target’s Mainstays.) Similar to Private Labels, wholesale selling entails acquiring large quantities of merchandise to market through Amazon’s FBA network.

The main distinction is that you are marketing goods made by other businesses. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned with product manufacture and branding. It’s one of the most well-liked methods of earning money on Amazon for many vendors.


With how easy it is for scammers to acquire your data, it’s reasonable to be alarmed. Protect yourself and your loved ones by getting advice from experts. 

We will guide and even help you get your money back from scammers.

Does Amazon Allow Automation?

Amazon does really permit automation.

In fact, a lot of business owners use an Amazon Automation product to offload some management responsibilities. For instance, Seller Labs offers software and services that help automate your customer satisfaction strategy, email marketing, and more. 

Automation is feasible as long as you adhere to Amazon’s Terms of Service.

When you give another corporation complete authority over your Amazon FBA business, it turns into a significant risk. It becomes usual for accounts to be suspended or even canceled if they utilize your account and behave in whatever they choose with it. If a brand reports you or if a bot detects a prohibited keyword in your listing, a suspension may result.

There are countless methods for your Amazon store to get shut down, mainly if you operate a dropshipping business. Selecting the incorrect automation company can increase your risk of suspension.

Is Amazon Automation Illegal?

Amazon Automation is not prohibited.

However, some Amazon automation businesses and experts make false statements. Know that it is illegal to guarantee a high return on investment if you see someone doing so. These claims are governed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which also makes an effort to prosecute con artists.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly fraudulent Amazon automation services exist.

Others have dubious or extreme elements, but they might offer respectable returns in the near future. Take caution when dealing with businesses that claim to take care of everything, so you don’t have to. You can passively earn all of this fantastic money. Usually, when something seems too good to be true, it is. 

The Catch Is… If the automation company engages in dropshipping, it has a high-risk level because Amazon frequently targets it for account suspension. Your account is practically being compromised by them. They can use riskier strategies because only your account is in jeopardy of suspension, not any of their own.

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