The Latest 411 on Current Day Cell Phone Scam

Wade H. Barnes, the chief of the financial services business at Hartman Executive Advisors in Timonium, Maryland, says that many of these messages indicate that you have a payment due, thank you for your payment, or instruct you to fill out a survey by clicking on the link provided. The threat actor wants you to click a link in each instance so that they can either request your login credentials or try to install malicious software on a mobile device.
July 20, 2022
Telephone Phone Scam

Dialing “411” gives you access to the directory help service provided by the majority of phone carriers. Other directory assistance services need a different dialing pattern, such as 555-1212, a number that starts with “10-10,” or a toll-free number.

The 411 service makes it possible for you to get, at any time, the addresses and phone numbers of individuals and businesses that have been listed in the phone directory. You can also get information on the weather, showtimes at local theaters, or driving directions by calling this number.

The good news is that directory assistance is absolutely free to call. Simply use your phone to call 1-800-FREE-411 (or 1-800-373-3411). You will first hear a 10-second commercial because it is an advertiser-sponsored version of directory assistance.

Banks must take action to safeguard their clients and themselves as device-based scams become more prevalent

During the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile phone scams have become more prevalent, with scammers taking advantage of people in a variety of ways, including schemes to steal stimulus money or trick people into paying for fake vaccinations, romance scams, IRS impersonations, and even ransom attempts on made-up kidnappings.

Fraud in mobile banking is also a part of it. According to Truecaller, in fact, more than half of Americans have been the victim of scam calls, texts (smishing), or both. Even if the majority of victims didn’t fall for the scam, approximately 60 million Americans claimed to have fallen for phone scams, incurring a combined loss of about $30 billion.

Stop Unknow Calling Phone Scam

Wade H. Barnes, the chief of the financial services business at Hartman Executive Advisors in Timonium, Maryland, says that many of these messages indicate that you have a payment due, thank you for your payment, or instruct you to fill out a survey by clicking on the link provided.

The threat actor wants you to click a link in each instance so that they can either request your login credentials or try to install malicious software on a mobile device. In an effort to access a user’s account, bad actors may learn a person’s cell carrier information and conduct a smishing attack about a pending payment, the expert claims.

Fraudsters can use text message multi factor authentications to target a victim’s work, email, or bank accounts by gaining access to the victim’s mobile phone account.

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411 business directory scam

A representative from 411 Business Directory Assistance called a dealership in Drumheller to let them know they owed money for an unpaid debt. Over the phone, this person requested a credit card number to complete the transaction.

When the dealership asked for a copy of the invoice, it was delivered. The dealership exercised due diligence by researching the business with the Better Business Bureau and discovered the following caution.

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411 Business Directory Assistance Inc.

The Edmonton company address was also looked up by the dealer, who discovered that it was a parking space. Three false statements made by these telemarketers violate the FTC Act. First of all, they made the dealership think that they already had a relationship.

They also misrepresented the fact that this dealership had consented to buy directory listing services. Thirdly, they misrepresented the fact that the dealership owed money for the alleged services.

Follow these instructions to safeguard your business against business directory fraud.

  • Teach your employees to recognise this scam
  • Inspect your receipts.
  • Verify to make clear

·  Make a complaint

Reducing fraud in mobile banking

More banks are integrating multi factor authentication directly through their mobile app, which is far more difficult to forge because it is registered to a specific device, Barnes adds, in an effort to lower mobile banking fraud.

A scammer would want login information for the app store in addition to the phone number and app in order to re-download the app. For Robert Johnston, CEO of Adlumin, a Washington, D.C.-based provider of cybersecurity and compliance software, one common social engineering scam employing a mobile phone—a phone kidnapping scam—came a little too close to home.

Scam Alert Phone Scam

According to Johnston, the scammers called a member of his family at around four in the morning while impersonating another close relative by employing phone masking technology on a voice-over-internet phone. He claimed to have kidnapped the relative and wanted $1,000 from the victim.

A woman could be heard sobbing in the background. He claims that the scammer requested for merely $1,000 because it is a price that many people would be willing to pay if they were unable to contact their family to find out whether the kidnapping was real or not.

Fortunately for them, Venmo had identified the fraudster’s account in response to prior reports from other victims of the scam, so the payment did not go through when Johnston’s family member paid the ransom to an anonymous Venmo account.

When its remote employees connect to work-related applications using their personal mobile phones, banks also need to take precautions against internet-related scams, according to Johnston. Using a bank’s virtual private network (VPN) to access customer financial information on their laptops is significantly safer for distant employees.

The point of defense in these situations “cannot be at the real phone,” he asserts. Instead, to ensure that their bank network is protected from mobile-based attack vectors, banks must safeguard their operational technology and architecture from these threats.

If you get a call from a collector, here is what you need to do in response:

  1. Under NO circumstances whatsoever should you pay money to these scammers.
  1. Make it clear to him or her that you will not be paying the invoice, and let the scammer know that you intend to proceed with the steps mentioned in step 3 and step 4 of this process.
  1. To file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, go to the FTC’s website and follow the online instructions.

visit ( or contact (1-877-FTC-HELP) for further information (1-877-382-4357).

  1. Contact the Better Business Bureau in your area and report the scam.

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