May Update!! Money Making Scam Offers You Need To Know About

Excerpt – Money making scams are taking place left and right, from job scams, to business opportunity scams, and so much more. The rate at which they are increasing has crossed over 67%. Always keep in mind the red flags and never fall for such scams. Keep reading to find out more.
May 26, 2022
Money Making Scam

We live in a world where scams are at their peak. Every now and then, a person is being scammed by various methods from all over the world. 

These scams include investment ones, business opportunity ones, and so much more. People nowadays are always looking for the perfect opportunity to make money. However, they never know when they might get scammed. This is one of the biggest reasons you need to be aware of some of the top scams out there through which people are losing their money. Make sure to keep yourself safe from them. 

Job Scams

Online Job Application

Scammers are always posting ads for fake jobs, which include personal assistants, caregivers, shoppers, and so much more. The requirement is that when you apply for the job, the scammer might send you a check and ask you to deposit or cash it and keep some while sending the rest to someone else. 

This check that you get is completely fake, and by the time your bank realizes it, the scammer will have your money, and you will be in trouble since your bank will ask you to repay the money that you withdrew. You always need to make sure that you do not fall victim to such scams. You never know what might happen. Make sure to apply carefully for jobs. 

Business Opportunity Scams

These scams are quite popular as well. Pyramid schemes might look like real business opportunities to you, and it may seem like they are selling real products, but that is not the case at all. 

These people are complete scams! Pyramid scheme promoters tend to tell you that they are going to change your life and that you should quit your job since you’re going to get richer by selling the products provided by the company. Remember that it is a complete life! The thing is that here your income is based on the number of people you recruit, not the number of products you end up selling. This is when distributors find out that they can’t sell a lot of inventory and recruit people to make more money. This is when they quit and lose the entire money they invested.


We have encountered victims who were mentally and emotionally drained when they were scammed out of their money. 

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Business Coaching Scams

These scams are the ones that offer online business coaching programs that guarantee you an income with no experience at all. 

They claim they have a proven system which is probably a scam. They end up telling you that their experts are going to teach you the best and proven method for building a really successful online business through which you can earn lots of bucks. However, once you have invested thousands of dollars in signing up for the coaching program, you will find out that the scammers actually lied, and the model was so easy that there was nothing special about it. This is when you realize all your money’s gone, and you are left with nothing.

Pension Scams

Pension Scam

These scams have been growing over the years, and it doesn’t seem like they are coming to an end. Through the pension scheme, retirees have been able to access a huge amount of money from pension pots. 

However, the bad part is that now the group is being targeted by scammers since they can easily access a huge amount of money. These scams are just like how other scams world. They follow similar steps as investment scams and normally contact you through a call. To avoid these scams, make sure to be suspicious if someone makes you an offer. Anything that involves huge returns with low investment is a huge red flag as well. You need to make sure to always report such scams instantly. You never know what the other person has in mind, so be vigilant at all times.

Advance Fee Scams

These scams are the ones with the highest frequency rate out there. They are happening literally everywhere, and scammers believe they are the easiest ones to scam others. This basically is an email scam where you get an email from an ex-minister or the royal family or anyone from Africa. 

They ask you to deposit a huge amount of money from your bank so that they can get out of the country they are trapped in and offer to pay a fee. You will then be asked for bank details, and the scammer won’t really send anything to you but will take your money. Some people even use these scams to claim an inheritance from a faraway relative. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it is probably a scam. Make sure to always check the email as well. If it has bad spelling and grammar, that is probably a red flag as well. Always ignore such messages for your own safety.

Fake Charity Scams

These scams are quite popular as well. Fake charities take advantage of one’s compassion for the needy. Here what scams do is that they take your money by acting as a legitimate charity. 

These scams not only cost you your money, but they take your money that could actually help others in need. These scams happen throughout the year. Some ask for money for disasters, floods, cyclones, earthquakes, etc. The scams act as people who are actually wanting to help the ones stuck in these disasters, and all of that is completely fake. They are just too good at acting.

Always Stay Protected From Scams!

Here are some of the most common money scams that happen all over the world. These scams are on the rise and are not stopping at all. 

You need to make sure to keep yourself safe from them by always staying alert and never trusting someone so easily without all the facts and figures. Remember not to let your emotions get in the way and think smartly. If it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t at all. All in all, always keep in mind the red flags and never fall for such scams.

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