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Money-Back Review

Moneyback is an online recovery firm specialized in the recovery of lost money of online scam victims.  

The company has its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. It focuses on investors who want to recover money lost in online frauds and trading scams. 

The workforce comprises of highly experienced professionals dealing with such online scams and cybercrimes regularly.

Moneyback also provides advice to clients before they invest in order to safeguard their money. The firm checks and informs if the clients are falling for any online scams. It also supports smaller businesses in the accounting and doing taxes properly.

Which services do they provide?

Moneyback helps victims get back their lost money and bring scammers to justice.

Given below is the way in which the company assists clients to recover their funds.

Investment & Trading Scam:

Moneyback has a lot of experience in handling online frauds and trade scams. It employs a six-step procedure to recover the money.

Representative: In this step, clients contact the firm over the telephone or via the mail. They provide it with all the details of the case for analysis. 

Claim Assessment: Only after a thorough study of the case, the professionals are able to decide whether the funds are recoverable or not. If there is a possibility of recovery, the company takes up the cases.

Resolve Problem: Moneyback contacts all the involved companies and banks. It also takes legal help if necessary.

It sends letters to the banks associated with the case for cooperation. It then informs the local government authorities about the presence of the scammers within their area of administration. The firm does so to hold the scam company accountable for not paying taxes and cheating its clients.

Patience is the key: No one can say for sure the time needed to solve such cases. It totally depends on the intricacies associated with the case. A simple case may take as short as a month. However, a complex case that needs more caution to handle may take even up to six months.

Getting Answer: The firm sets up a deal after negotiating with the scammer company. The clients are always kept in the loop and shown transparent results.

Funds Recovered: After Moneyback reaches an agreement, it sends the money recovered from the scammer directly to the client’s bank accounts. The company takes a commission fee from the recovered amount.

Financial Crimes:

These are crimes that may destabilize not just a single company but the whole economy of a country. It is very essential that companies keep their financial records straight. Many of the scammer companies fail to keep their records regulated. These are signs which one can use to identify fraudulent organizations. 

Moneyback acts against such scams. It uses four steps to bring these companies to justice – identify, distribute to the law enforcement authority, exchange operational information, and support operations. 


Moneyback offers a free initial consultation to those seeking a way to recover their money. It has hundreds of satisfied customers around the world.

There is no fixed commission fee. It depends on the case and how complex it is. The company may charge something within a range of 7% to 35% of the recovered amount. 

This is only decided after the firm is sure it can recover the money. Clients make all payments after the money has been successfully recovered.

Customer service

Following the submission, the customer service department will review the form and contact the client. Moneyback assigns a team of experts to the case who assess all the details and documentation related to it. Then with proper discussion, the company ascertains the success of the case.

Though the whole process may seem lengthy, it helps in faster execution of the case when the firm finally proceeds to recover the money.


Moneyback is a funds recovery firm having a high customer satisfaction rate. It has the best professionals who are well equipped at handling even the most complex cases. 

The firm does not limit itself to fund recovery, it also helps investors identify beforehand the risks of unregulated scammers on the internet. It guides them in making financially beneficial decisions. It has a strict procedure to follow when it comes to scammers. All this shows the enterprise’s eagerness to make the internet a safe place.

Ultimately, with its simple steps and systematic approach, Moneyback solves most of the fraud cases and brings back the lost money to its customers.

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