Red Flags To Look Out For During Online Dating Scams

We’ve all used dating apps and had our worst nightmares come true. Dating has become quite hard due to the rice of dating scams. They have become increasingly dangerous over the passage of time. One good example of dating scams is the Netflix Movie Tinder Swindler. The movie is based on an actual story that involves a man meeting multiple women through different dating apps and establishing loans and whatnot in their names. This has been one of the biggest dating scams women have had to face.

Falling for these scams is quite easy if you’re a softie. What happens is that most of us start developing feelings and fall victim to the lousy words these scammers say. At the moment, their words mean a lot, however, once you’re scammed, you realize the red flags were there, you just didn’t get to see them. After all, love is blind!

Nowadays, people need to be extra careful when it comes to dating. They must keep their emotions in check and make sure that their feelings don’t get the best of them. People need to keep their guard up and think rationally when it comes to dating. These scammers can literally be found everywhere be it free dating sites, a dating app, or sex sites. Con artists have the best tactics to scam you in different ways. This includes getting away with your money, looting you, getting stuff from you, and much more! When it comes to online dating, you need to think rationally instead of believing the words of these romance scammers.

Now, if you are someone who is into online dating, then you are definitely at the right place. In this article, we are going to have a look at the red flags when it comes to online dating. This way you’ll know how to be careful and make sure you don’t get to meet a scammer and believe he’s your soulmate!

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If you’re someone who is into online dating, then you’re definitely at the right place. We can give you the best practices in identifying red flags as well as help you in recovering your stolen money from scammers!

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Run When You Spot these Red Flags

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Dating scammers are always looking for ways to get money from your pockets. They mainly target people that are wealthy enough and are looking for romantic partners. Apart from this, what increased these dating scams is the hookup culture. Everyone is looking for someone to hook up with and ultimately, they end up meeting scammers. Over the years, people have faced all sorts of scams; be it a dating website scam, a Facebook dating scam, or a WhatsApp dating scam.

Scammers usually use a different name to approach you and make you believe that they have fallen for you. They will say words and express themselves in a way that you’ll think they are the one. They will then ask you for your personal information and at times will even send you different gifts. It’s not like all of this happens overnight, they take their time, months even in order to make you fall for them.

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They’ll say they can’t meet you because of work, will send you fake flight tickets, and then make up an excuse that seems legit for not coming. Once they are aware that they have gained your trust, they are asking you for gifts or money in a subtle way. They might also trick you into sending your bank account details by saying that they have to purchase something online and their card isn’t working or something similar. They make you believe they will send the money however they never really do. 

At times, scammers even ask you to send expensive items such as a brand new phone, laptop, and others. The common methods scammers use to ask for money include wiring it to them, sending it through gift cards, or some other method through which they can remain anonymous and get the cash as quickly as possible. They also opt for methods that are impossible to reverse the transaction.


Most scams happen through online sites, which makes people think whether they are safe or not. Moreover, many people are always confused if these sites are legit. These sites are safe to use however, you’ll find scammers everywhere. It is up to you how you deal with someone as these people are out there everywhere, even on the most popular dating sites. This is one of the reasons you should never share personal information such as bank account details, card details, address, etc on dating sites.

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Look Out for These Red Flags During Online Dates

Being aware of the current trends will help you get a leg up on any current crises. This will be apparent for those who want to start dating online. Have a look at these red flags to know your online dates are scams.

1. Profile Warning

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One of the most important signs you shouldn’t miss out on are profile warnings. Now, there are multiple ways to understand these warnings. Firstly, these profiles have pictures that don’t really seem reliable, and even if there are pictures, they’re just a couple of them, that is all. 

Moreover, they claim to be in the military department of some other country, and this is written in their bio. They have little to no information on their profile and do not link their profiles to any social media accounts. 

2. They Change the Platform to Chat

Another important thing is that online scammers make sure to take the conversation somewhere else quite quickly. These scammers will mostly want to talk to you via text messages or fake social media accounts that they tell you their own. Moreover, they might convince you to shift from the dating app to WhatsApp too. They will do this as quickly as possible. 

3. They ‘Fall in Love’ Quickly

loving online

These scammers are always looking for ways to take your thing to the next level. They want to build an emotional connection with you as quickly as possible. They do this by making you believe that you are the most important person in their life. 

They will quickly tell you that they have fallen in love with you. They are experts at using words that will melt your heart and make you fall for them. They make sure to flatter you with their words and add meaning to your relationship. 

4. Excuses for Not Meeting You

meet up

Another common red flag amongst online scammers is that they want to meet you, but something always seems to come up. They make sure to make an unexpected excuse that delays your meetup. Since they are scammers, they never want to show you their real faces and would not meet you in person no matter what. 

The most common excuse of all is that they are in the military and don’t get days off to meet you. They also send you pictures of fake tickets to make you believe that they were actually going to meet you but could not. 

5. No Video Calls

video call

Since they are scammers who don’t want to reveal their identities, they make sure to avoid video calls. They also try to avoid phone calls or voice messages, however, they can be sent from time to time. On the other hand, video chats are a big no for them. Even if they do end up calling you after a few weeks of chatting, they try their best that their face isn’t visible to you completely. 

6. They Ask You for Money from Time to Time

girl holding amoney

Asking you for money is a scammer’s main motive. However, scammers do this from time to time to make sure you don’t feel like something is off. Now, they do not ask you for money directly, however, they do this subtly. They make up an issue that actually seems legit and makes you want to help them with the issue. 

This may include a serious illness, helping out family members, and related stuff. They also ask for help saying it is for their start up and they need your support. This is a common excuse they use to emotionally blackmail you. 

7. Send Links Frequently

sending links

Don’t we all hesitate to open a link when someone sends it to us? However, what if someone who claims to love you and praises you every other second sends you links often? You would open it, right? Well, these scammers make sure to send you links that end up hacking your device, account, or any other personal detail. This way, they get a hold of your personal details including banks, cards, etc. 

8. Ask You for Investment

hand shaking

Another common red flag is that these scammers ask you for investment. They get a bank account in your name and say that they will handle all the transactions. They do this by forcing you to give them money for a ‘startup’ that never existed in the first place. After they have an account in your name, they buy ad black money to your account, get loans from it, and lots of other similar stuff that gets you in trouble later on. 

9. Too Many Sob Stories

story telling

Sure, all of us have problems in our lives, don’t we? We share them with our friends and family to calm ourselves and feel better. However, these scammers hire a few of them and then ask you for money. While on the other hand, they might also share too many sob stories with you. This will make you feel sorry for them, and you would want to help them feel better by giving them money, sending expensive gifts, and related stuff as well.

10. Ask You for Intimate Pictures

women photos

Another common practice amongst scammers is that they ask you for your intimate pictures. Sure, this is common in relationships. However, they use these pictures against you later on. Remember, their motive is to ask you for money, and they can do anything in the world to do so. 

They might show their real side to you later on and blackmail you for money. They will threaten you to share your intimate pictures on the web if you do not end up paying them the amount of money they are asking for. This is something quite common in today’s world. 

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Make Sure You Are Online Dating the Right Way!

By now, you must have understood what online scams are and how you need to detect them. Every relationship out there has red flags that we tend to ignore, right? However, the red flags from scammers are the most important ones. Make sure to be extra careful when you are dating someone the next time so that you do not fall prey. Also, make sure to meet the person before getting into anything serious. Scammers never want to meet you, and this is a big red flag. Once you notice the little things, you will understand that you are getting played.

You also need to understand that you must be careful when it comes to online dating. It is not like everyone is the same, but the thing is that online scams have increased over the years so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Do not get emotionally attached to anyone online too quickly and make sure to look out for any red flags. Understand if things do not add up. Remember, online dating involves a lot of attention as you want to be safe from all the con artists out there trying to loot you.

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