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Disclaimer: The information on this document was based on information gathered during the website investigation period. Please note that the information provided might be outdated because there might have been changes on the investigated website (i.e. website had been suspended or website had changed owners and changed its content).

ProfitFX Pro’s mission is supposed to be to build the “best connection possible” between you and the financial markets, no matter who you are or where you are in the world – however, the means through which they are doing so are quite suspicious. ProfitFX Pro, according to the company, provides great trading alternatives, tools, and ground-breaking trading strategies so that you can learn and earn money.

However, recent allegations have surfaced against ProfitFX Pro, claiming that the company is a sham and lacks legitimacy. That is what I am here to debunk: is ProfitFX Pro truly a legitimate company, or is it a scam organization looking for an opportunity to steal your money? Let us give you a legitimate Review.

What is About?

Based on the website, Profitfx Pro is a well-known STP/ECN broker that was established in 2018. Profitfx Pro has gained global brand recognition by offering investors a world-class trading environment with no conflict of interest.

They try to assist investors by providing long-term business conditions, client support, and education in order to build good customer relationships and a strong presence around the world.

They want to form strong bonds with their customers. They value their clients’ preferences and strive to provide unique trading solutions for their businesses. Profitfx Pro appears to be a cutting-edge foreign exchange agency, but the reality is quite the contrary: it is claimed to be a scam! Is Legit? Continue reading the article for our take on this.

What is Offering or Promising To The Clients

Why Trade wiht Profitfx Pro

Profitfx Pro, which is being investigated as a possible inauthentic agency, recently claimed to offer customers trading opportunities in investment offers as well as a variety of other services. 

Profitfx Pro provides over 70 trading instruments as well as professional support so that you can enjoy the thrill of ultimate trading. Profitfx Pro claims to be the future of Forex trading, offering one-of-a-kind business solutions. They strive to improve your experience by offering the best trading solutions, allowing you to gain superior control.  

There have been complaints that when people contacted the organization’s customer service for more information on the opportunities, one of two things happened. Either the customer service representatives did not pick up the phone and answer questions to provide additional information on energy commodities, currency options, and more – after investments were made.

On the other hand, if they did answer calls or respond to inquiries, they had limited or no information – and guess what?! This was after they had taken a deposit from individuals! Seeing such behavior makes you question Can be trusted?

Is Legit or a Scam?

Profitfx Pro appears to be a scam; dealing with unregulated offshore brokers is highly risky, which is why we only suggest regulated brokers.

Is Licensed?

Profitfxpro is not licensed and unregulated! We believe this company is offering financial services or products in the UK without a license. Thus, people who are deciding to invest their money with this site should be wary because the UK government is not legally bound to give financial assistance when transacting with an unlicensed offshore broker.


Duplicate or Similar Website Detected

We found that has similar websites. Upon further investigation, we found that their structure and offers are similar and we didn’t find any mention of affiliation between the websites. On the list, seems to be a young website that was made in mid-2022. We suspect that this might be a network of unauthorized offshore brokers or the sites could be involved in a scam network. 

Below are a list of sites that we found similar to

Duplicate Sites

Investigating the Trading Conditions of

ProfitFX Pro lacks both the legal and technical capabilities to provide forex and CFD trading. In fact, we can be confident that ProfitFX Pro’s trading is fictitious. In that sense, the parameters of that trading as outlined on the website have no real significance other than to provide additional evidence of ProfitFX Pro’s fraudulent nature.

The first piece of evidence is the claim that, in addition to currencies, commodities, and indices, ProfitFX Pro also offers cryptocurrency trading. Many brokers provide such trading, but only those licensed in the United Kingdom. Brokers are not permitted by the FCA to offer crypto derivatives trading to retail traders.

Brokers in the UK, like those in the EU, are not permitted to offer leverage greater than 1:30. ProfitFX Pro, on the other hand, claims to offer leverage of 1:200. Retail traders are not offered such levels by regulated brokers because trading with high leverage carries the risk of unexpected and excessive losses. ProfitFX Pro promises low spreads, but we have no way of verifying this and no reason to trust ProfitFX Pro.

The website contains no information about payment methods or fees for deposits and withdrawals. This type of scammer typically directs their victims to cryptocurrency transactions that do not allow for refunds or chargebacks.

Legitimate brokers typically provide clients with a variety of transparent payment methods, such as bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and well-known e-wallets like Sofort, PayPal, or Skrill.

It is unclear what traps the fraudsters may have set because ProfitFX Pro does not provide proper legal documentation. Fake brokers typically make withdrawing money impossible by charging exorbitant fees and requiring impossible-to-fulfill traded volume conditions.

Do you suspect that someone had scammed you?

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The company has no social media presence, no phone number, and neither are the people behind the website revealed. This only makes one question the credibility of It’s a good show of transparency if a business who is offering financial services is stating its CEO or stockholders in the company. It adds to the authenticity of the website. But unfortunately, ProfitFX Pro is hiding a lot of vital information.

Comparing To Well Established Agencies

If you compare with legitimate websites such as, definitely offers more secure investment, better offers, better training for newbies on crypto and there is already a community built under binance.  

When you visit a legitimate broker’s website, you can expect to find clear and detailed information about the company that owns and operates it, where it is headquartered, and what regulatory regimes it is subject to. Licensed financial service providers must also provide a complete set of legal documentation.

All of this is absent from the ProfitFX Pro website. We have no idea who we are dealing with or what the terms of the agreement are. Putting our money on the line under these conditions would be an unforgivable mistake.

License and Regulation

How To Get Your Money Back if You Were Scammed by

Be sure to immediately alert the appropriate authorities if you believe you have been a victim of this business. The first thing you should do if you ever feel deceived is to terminate all contact with the brokers. Spare them any personal information that can expose them to fraud from other sources.

EzChargeback is here to assist you with the recovery process; here are a few steps you can take to recover funds from a scammer. To begin, notify the authorities; call the police, then contact your local regulators and other law enforcement agencies that deal with fraud and crime. Change all of your passwords, remove any dangerous software you may have downloaded, and, if necessary, contact your credit card provider if you think you are being defrauded.  

Moreover, report your case to us and we will help you get in touch with respectable companies that can help those who have been scammed or had their personal information stolen.

EZChargeback only partners with the most trustworthy and capable scam recovery organizations.

Once you consult with us, we will be able to help you solve your problem and refer you to the top asset recovery firms that will get your money back!



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