The Growing Risk Of Scams In Metaverse & How to Avoid Them in Current Times

Scammers are illegally raising money in the name of projects like metaverse, robbing millions from people of their hard-earned money. Some of the popular ways in which scammers are illicitly making profits using metaverse as the premise of their scam include packaging metaverse related concepts such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual realities, and video gaming into a high tech package. Projects promising high-tech integration like artificial intelligence and virtual reality support trick investors into giving them high returns.

April 26, 2022
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Metaverse, the biggest buzzword of 2022, has recently been called attractive yet deceptive by the Chinese authorities as innocent users here can lose millions if they’re unaware of the risks. Unfortunately, either old or new cyberattacks will inevitably find their way into the metaverse, urging a need for immersive virtual worlds to provide solid and stable security from their inception. 

Metaverse is simply a term that revolves around many different ways in which we could communicate socially in the ‘cyber world.’ It is a concept of an online 3D virtual space allowing users to work, meet, socialize, and game together in these 3D spaces. It combines new virtual reality and blockchain technology technologies, from VR headsets to NFTs. Metaverse connects multiple platforms, similar to the internet containing different websites accessible through a single browser.

How do Metaverse Scams Work?

Unfortunately, scammers today are illegally raising money in the name of projects like metaverse, robbing millions from people of their hard-earned money. Some of the popular ways in which scammers are illicitly making profits are making making an donation pool or an investment scheme. Scammers are using metaverse as the premise of their scam, and enticing victims with the prospect of technological innovations which include metaverse related concepts such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual realities, and video gaming into a high tech package. Projects promising high-tech integration like artificial intelligence and virtual reality support trick investors into giving them high returns. As soon as they invest, these scammers get away with their funds. 

In addition, through blockchain play-to-earn (P2E) projects, scammers promise high returns to innocent victims for investing in the native gaming token. In fact, blockchain-based scams hit $7.8 billion in 2021. Although the metaverse had plans to expand beyond blockchain, scammers became a significant hurdle with money laundering and stealing identities. 

In addition to this, these scammers also hype up the metaverse real estate to induce panic buying among the users. For this purpose, they offer cryptos that look like actual investments and regularly talk about the metaverse project to give it false popularity, pressurizing people to invest. A massive rise in fake coins and tokens made investors easily fall into such scams, leaving them with worthless cryptos. Metaverse scams led to an enormous surge in cryptocurrency scams when Americans lost up to $80 million in 2021, a staggering 1000% increase.

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An Inside Look into The Schemes & Techniques used by Metaverse Scammers

There is indeed a lot of hype, money, and opportunities for Metaverse companies to become dominant players globally and completely change the way people socialize. However, they should understand the typical schemes scammers adapt so that they can take appropriate actions. Otherwise, the general public will instantly lose interest due to a lack of trust.

Hence, they should take note of a series of techniques employed by these scammers in the world of Metaverse. For example, scammers use traditional methods such as phishing attacks to gain access to currency and NFTs held in the accounts to wipe them off completely. Also, they may set up multiple accounts on a specific metaverse platform to illegally acquire money or abuse promotions. For example, a scammer could buy NFT from another account they control using dirty money to withdraw once it is sold to an innocent user. How disgusting!

Apart from this, fake reviews can enormously damage a brand’s image to a great degree. A bad targeted review scares consumers away and causes a drop in token price when in reality, the brands are striving to succeed, keep their token price stable, and have loyal users. Also, considering Cryptos, they become notorious for their transparency due to blockchain’s open record information. Once the transaction is made, it becomes impossible to reverse, which unfortunately works against people’s expectations. Hence, the lack of compliance and regulation legislation may lead to room for such damaging circumstances. As technology becomes more accessible, metaverse companies need to guard their users’ data so that they don’t risk consumer trust.


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What will it Take to Stop Metaverse Scams?

As the malicious activities under the banner of Metaverse are causing a lot of damage, the public is requested to enhance their knowledge in risk prevention and stay alert on how to stay away from being deceived. Preventing scams has always been an ongoing battle; however, businesses can follow certain things to tighten their defenses and block out scammers completely. 

Business leaders should adopt practices such as device fingerprinting, two-factor authentication, and a quick analysis of users’ digital footprints to stop these threat actors from scamming through innovative technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. In fact, digital footprints are extremely useful when users are signing up, and knowing the customer’s location, device, and set up through unseen devices and two-factor authentication can be the best way to spot potential risks and misalignments in the first place. Also, knowing the IP address of an authentic user and spotting a dramatic mismatch later is a red flag!

As the metaverse is highly trendy and full of opportunities, people need to be aware of constantly changing regulations and new attacks it might bring. With diligence, patience, and attention, they can stay way ahead of the risk and scams. Strategies such as preventing scammers from registering under false identities, constantly checking if scammers haven’t co-opted the accounts, and taking securities seriously can inspire trust in loyal customers and make fraudsters think twice before attempting a crime.

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The best way to prevent fraud is to get ahead of the curve with a multi-layered defense and some effective practices when studying metaverse. Examine business strategies to evaluate if they are legitimate and address real-world concerns. Establish guidelines, security, and regulations to reap the full benefits of the metaverse without intervention from over-suspicious systems. Make sure genuine people run the company before you invest. If some of these requirements aren’t met by the Metaverse platform you’re investing in, you should reassess your decision.

To keep yourself safe from falling victim to Metaverse scams, and to learn more about how scammers are stealing millions from innocent victims through these, read the article above carefully. Thank you for reading!


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