What Are The Chances You Will Get Your Money Back in Various Scam Situations?

Recent figures show that 47% of the population has fallen victim to internet fraud, but that number may be drastically lowered if people become knowledgeable about financial fraud. 

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EZChargeback has more than 100 educational resources available, including case studies, lists of businesses that have been blacklisted, and other articles about the most recent frauds and schemes. 

According to recent studies, a person is more likely to recognize a problem and take appropriate action if they are knowledgeable about the subject. You can protect yourself and your finances if you are aware of the several scams that are prevalent today, the warning signs of these scams, and how to avoid them and recover from them. Always choose safety over regret!

Stealing Peoples Money

7-10% of the U.S. population are victims of Online Scam each year, and 21% of those experience multiple incidents of Internet Scam/Fraud.

If you’re someone who wants to protect your financial data, then you’re definitely at the right place. We can give you the best practices in identifying red flags as well as help you in recovering your stolen money from scammers!

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The Various Scenarios of Scams and The Chances of You Getting Your Money Back

• Online Scams

When you plunge deep into the world of online dating, it may seem quite exciting, but you’ll soon discover that it can be challenging to find a match that is genuine and authentic. 

Although it is well known that online dating is one of the most effective ways to meet a life partner, there are many people out there who prey on the weak, treat them dishonestly, and attempt to take advantage of them by acquiring their assets, cash, and other valuable information. However, if a situation like this does happen, you shouldn’t panic because we are here to help you get your information back, recover your assets, and keep you well-informed so that you can date online in a safe way! 

These con artists use cutting-edge and sophisticated techniques to carry out long-game scams in the hopes of getting information from you. 


These con artists will initially make contact with you in an effort to swindle you. They will try to interact with you by contacting you through a social networking app like Messenger, WhatsApp, or another one. In order for you to forget who they are, the con artist will pretend to be someone you knew in high school or another long-ago setting. After that, they’ll start communicating with you frequently to develop a connection or relationship. Naturally, when emotions are involved, our minds might become a little foggy. This is when the con artists launch their attack and trick the helpless victim into paying for their goods. 

They will make up various fictitious but clever justifications for you to lend them money, such as the need for urgent surgery and the need for finances for that or the need to fly for essential business but lack the necessary liquid dollars. Get in touch with the Ezchargeback team of consultants so they can give you information and strategies on how to protect your money if you think you are being scammed or the person you are dating is projecting alarming behavior, such as asking you for a lot of money or pressuring you to pay his bills. 

Online dating scams, ransomware attacks, auto trading schemes, and a wide variety of other frauds are all common. You must safeguard yourself from these frauds by maintaining your knowledge. However, if you are a victim of an online scam, have been defrauded of your hard-earned money, and are now unsure of what to do, contact Ezchargeback recovery agents, and they will assist you. 

Regardless of how large or small the sum is, Ezchargeback can help you find the perfect recovery company that will audit your case, find the con artist, and hunt them down in order to reclaim your stolen money.

Man Holding a Debit card

• Banking Scams

Occasionally, third parties will get in the way of your financial institutions in order to steal your money, assets, and other belongings. 

This is a type of banking fraud. Attacking a victim’s credit card, debit card, online banking portal, or any other variation is the basis for this criminal act. The vital reason for the sharp rise in online banking scams is digitization. 

The main driver of the noteworthy advancement in web-based extortion is advanced change. Banks should be two steps ahead of con artists, but many financial institutions themselves don’t implement enough security safeguards to protect their clients’ money, which results in significant losses every year. Ezchargeback can assist you in getting your money back if you’ve suffered a significant loss. 

If you are a victim of a financial scam and need assistance in recovering the money you have lost, get in touch with the Ezchargeback team of professionals. They are here to help you every step of the way. Dangerous and harmful activities surrounding banking fraud are on the rise. In 99.99% of cases, the entire sum is recovered.


We have encountered victims who were mentally and emotionally drained when they were scammed out of their money. 

We can help you with your legal and technical concerns and we can help you get your money back.

• Trading/ Investment Scam

Scams involving investments may involve promises of big payments, quick cash, or guaranteed returns. 

People should always exercise caution when considering changes that offer enormous returns with virtually little risk since they almost certainly include a scam. If an opportunity seems implausible, it probably is. 

Nearly 66 percent of people have fallen victim to investment scams in the last two years, including CFD scams, cryptocurrency scams, and forex scams, according to studies and actual incidents.

offshore investmenting

• Cryptocurrency Scams

Everywhere we turn, we hear about cryptocurrencies, but with that popularity comes a lot of fraud. Nowadays, people are tricked out of tens of thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency when scammers break into their digital wallets and start robbing them of their digital assets. 

Given the sharp increase in intricate crypto-tricks, it’s critical to be aware of recurring crypto frauds and know how to avoid them. It’s likely that you were the victim of a cryptocurrency scam; if so, Ezchargeback can assist you in getting your money back through a customized recovery plan. Before it’s too late, get in touch with Ezchargeback. According to estimates, the cryptocurrency industry has so far seen value exchanged worth $2 billion. 

With a global FOMO frenzy, the price of one bitcoin rose to an estimated $18,737.60; nevertheless, on 15 December 2018, the price of bitcoin had not dropped to as low as $3,209.76. Financial supporters looking to make a quick buck have not been deterred in the least by the volatility of the digital currency, and in response, a number of con artists have emerged with the intention of robbing cryptocurrency investors. 

Despite the fact that technology is incredibly advanced and secure, con artists have nonetheless been able to use methods to get past it in order to hack into victims’ digital wallets, steal their money, and do far worse things. If you have been in a similar scenario and want to get your money back, Ezchargeback can guide and help you in building a case against the con artist, working with the appropriate banking institutions, and getting your money back.

If you’re a victim of a similar scam please get in touch with us to that we can help you get your money back!

Adrenaline Coin

• Fake Investment Schemes

The crooks who administer the web “organizations” are frequently the biggest beneficiaries of them. 

The websites they use to carry out their fraudulent activities have undeniably authentic-looking content, pictures of happy people in large homes, sports cars, or interesting locations, and claims that they made millions of dollars by investing in the secret cryptographic money professionals who stand in the background. 

The point at which you give your money to skilled con artists will be the last time you see it, and thereafter unexpectedly, customer care will be too busy even to consider assisting with your requests over returning bets or missing deadlines for profits.

Scam Warning

• Pump & Dump

Many con artists now hype (Pump up) cryptocurrency that they own in large quantities before selling it when its value reaches its peak. 

Typically, they would use false promises of enormously profitable returns to lure novice, inexperienced financial backers into their fraud. Unfortunately, these unsuspecting people frequently discover the truth when it is too late and are stuck with vast sums of useless cryptocurrency. 

Reclaim what is due to you! You can work with the team of recovery experts to restore control of your funds through a detailed and thorough process. Ezchargeback will assist you in getting your money back while also educating you on how to protect it from potential future scams.

bitcoin pump

The Best Strategies Recovery Companies Have in Place To Get Back Your Stolen Funds

It is, in Ezchargeback’s opinion, never, ever too late to protect oneself from the scammers’ extortion. As a result, they exhort everyone to visit them if they have fallen victim to fraud or are even now being defrauded and refer you to the top tier recovery firms such as the Global Payback, Chargeback Way, Chargebacking, and Funds Trace. 

The organization uses a thorough and comprehensive treatment procedure where time is of the utmost importance. They have never advocated for holding up someone’s case; therefore, their strongest suit is taking prompt, determined action. 

In light of the laws and regulations in force, Ezchargeback makes sure you receive the most reputable recovery service accessible. Let’s talk about how they will guide you through the entire procedure since they firmly believe in total transparency.

License and Regulations

• Reviewing your request

Your data will be reviewed as soon as you report using our website’s online contact form. Time is the key, as was previously said! 

Therefore, don’t worry; work on your case will begin right away. Perhaps a member of the expert team might set up a meeting with you so that you can fully explain everything. Fewer issues would arise as a result, and they would be free to ask you any things that are still unclear. The reimbursement procedure will start as soon as they are sure the request is legitimate! At this point, they will consider information pertaining to your case, the account of how the con artist got in touch with you, and anything else pertinent to that particular fraud.

• Evidence collection

Since a case is worthless without facts and evidence, the team will follow in your own footsteps to investigate the scammer and collect any material that can support our position. 

They would first make sure that bogus profiles were deleted. The process is much simpler because it is automated. Any phone calls, pictures, screenshots, payments, correspondence, invoices, and all of the above. They will compile your digital trace so you may present your case as persuasively as possible.

Man Using Laptop for Email , Email Scam

• Building your case

The gathering of evidence is only the beginning; it is not sufficient. Your information is organized in such a clear and efficient way that there is no chance that the financial institutions will consider it objective at this point in the paperwork process. 

Members of the team would need to have legal knowledge for this, and that is what they enjoy doing! Here, they will gather all the information related to your case, beginning with the account of how you came to connect with the scammer. They will then outline a thorough narrative of the strategies they employed to develop a close emotional connection with you and get into the specifics of how much the scammer stole from you. The whole timeline will also be provided if the stolen money is divided into smaller amounts.

Pension Scam

• Recovering your money

Here, the recovery firm chooses whether to deal directly with the con artists or maybe involve outside parties. 

Intelligence analysts and people with specialized knowledge and expertise are among the team members and partners located all over the world who offer solutions to fraud within the bounds of ethics. Their firm has even teamed up with some incredible payment providers, including Paypal and transfers, that can really aid in their ability to retrieve your money. 

You are not alone, and it’s totally fine if you think you might be a victim of a scam of any kind. The primary duty of asset recovery firms is to retrieve any lost money. They take great delight in creating cases that are customized to you and your budget.

Key Takeaways!

Regardless of the kind of financial fraud, it is crucial to report the crimes as quickly as possible to the relevant authorities and law enforcement. 

Financial fraud should also be reported to the proper authorities as soon as feasible. Additionally, victims should compile evidence-related documents such as bank and credit report copies, tax returns from the current and prior years, and tax forms, and keep filing crucial data all the way through the reporting procedure. 

One should contact the specialists to begin the process of reclaiming their monies in addition to reporting the fraud. Whatever fraud you may have fallen victim to, this company can assist you in recovering all of your losses; all you have to do is take the initiative and get in touch with them.

do you need help?

A lot of those who contact us have questions and concerns about their personal and business data being compromised. We aim to arm you with the legal and technical know-how in the fight against scams. Also, we will be able to refer you to top scam recovery agencies.

Please fill up the form. Rest assured that our support team will get in touch with you

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