What is the Most Common Scam Dating Site?

Romance scammers often start on dating sites or apps.

However, social media scams are increasing. They’ll start talking to the victim using a fake profile and create a relationship. The romance scammer will mislead, ask for money, and then disappear after the victim trusts them.

Romance Scam

You know internet norms. Emotions can make online dating scams hard to spot.
Here are some indications of an internet scammer.

Over £27million lost to scams involving crypto and forex investments in 2018/19 Securities and Exchange Commission

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They're Distant

The background is one of the first signs of a romance scammer. Fakers pretend to be overseas to avoid meeting.

Fast Relationship

Romance scammers act quickly before their victims catch on. They want your trust right away. Common methods:

  • You’re loved quickly.
  • They propose.
  • They promise to meet.
  • They ask to take communications off the dating site—you’re not seeing anybody else, right?

They Cancel Visits

Romance scammers want to remain anonymous. Promises to visit can deter suspicion. They may make you buy aircraft tickets. They’ll cancel last minute with a long explanation.

They Demand Money

Beware of internet love interests who request money before the meeting. Romance scammers may request money for:

  • Flights and Visas.
  • Operation costs.
  • Gambling bets.
  • Private emergencies.

Their plea usually comes with a sob story. So beware of these common online dating scams.

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What Are the Most Common Online Dating Site Scams?

Dating scams typically begin innocently. Scammers may create attractive fake accounts and wait for victims to initiate contact. They may also approach victims, claiming a distant relationship or the same interests. Here are some of the most common online dating scams

Military Romance Scam

Military romance scammers may impersonate soldiers or construct fake profiles.

They send out legitimate-sounding messages, sometimes describing themselves as nearing the end of their professions, often with older children, and usually widowed under tragic circumstances. The texts contain sophisticated military language, titles, and base locations. Before any physical contact can occur, the “soldier” is deployed just as they begin forming a close emotional bond.

Then come requests for money, possibly to establish a good internet connection, pay for flights home, or augment purported military medical coverage or retirement planning constraints. These scammers often use doctors or lawyers to get money. Military scams can last months or years before victims notice.

Dating Scams

Dating Online

The site advertises real meetups in Online Dating Site Fraud but is underpopulated or full of scammers.

Sites that ask you to create a profile for data mining are common scams. Look out for sign-up questionnaires that inquire about finances but not relationship specifics or ask for your mother’s maiden name or a first school.

Malware Scam

Malware is common on dating sites. In tinder scams, the match may have multiple discussions with you before providing further information on their own website or false Facebook or Instagram sites.

However, these pages aren’t real. Instead, you’re led to a website with malware and spam that scammers can use to steal your data and commit financial fraud. Any online dating site user who wants to lead you to another site should be a red sign.

Photo Scams

The scammer requests contact information in exchange for personal photographs. In actuality, the scammer is fishing for personal data or running a fraudulent bot operation that plays on emotion and excitement (by offering revealing photographs) to get the victim’s data for financial theft.

Be Cautious of These Online Dating Site Scam Variations

Dating Scam

These stories may sound unlikely, yet victims are generally lonely or vulnerable. Scammers manipulate emotions and groom their victims. Online dating scams often involve:

  • The scammer requests money for flights or a passport to visit the victim’s country.
  • The scammer needs the victim to pay their phone bills or buy a new laptop to keep communicating.
  • Scammers require money for medical care for themselves or their family members.
  • The scammer claims Customs seized their valuables, and they must pay taxes to retrieve them and join the victim in their nation.
  • The fraudster claims their boss paid them in postal money orders and requests the victim to cash and wire the money. The bank returns the cash order but not the wire transfer.
  • Scammers need money to finish their education before visiting victims.

Now the question arises How to identify a scammer? A genuine dating profile usually comprises several images of the person in different settings, including one or two that reveal their complete body. The person may also provide Instagram or Facebook links.

A dating profile without details may be fake. Maybe their interests and activities are almost identical to yours—too good to be true.

Tips to Avoid Romance Site Scammers & Protect Yourself

Avoid Scammer

Follow these tips to protect yourself from common online dating scams:

  • Never add strangers on social media.
  • Don’t share too much personal information with someone you’ve simply met online. Scammers can influence or steal your identity using your last name or workplace.
  • Use reputable dating sites and communicate via chat. Fraudsters want you to quickly switch to the text, social media, or phone to avoid a dating site record of them asking for money.
  • Take your time. Ask your potential spouse questions and check for contradictions that could indicate a deception.
  • Be mindful of messages that are too flattering. Try pasting the content into a search engine to see if the identical words turn up on romance fraud-exposing websites.
  • Don’t worry about initiating contact. Scammers fill dating apps and websites with fake profiles and wait for victims.
  • Avoid posting revealing photos online that could be used for blackmail.
  • Stop talking if you suspect a scammer. Notify the dating app where you met the fraudster.
  • Avoid clicking on files or links in user profiles or messages that seem irrelevant to the conversation.

·  If you meet a possible partner in person, let your friends and family know and meet in a public place. Avoid meeting strangers abroad.

Online Dating Site Scam Statistics That You Should Know

Facebook and Instagram account for half of FTC romance scam reports since 2019. Victims lost a record $117 million to social media scams in the first half of 2020. (FTC, October 2020)

  • Social media facilitated cyber crimes for over 35,000 victims (FBI, 2020 Internet Crime Report)
  • Since 2015, FTC romance fraud reports have nearly tripled. (FTC, February 2021)
  • Over 32,000 FTC romance fraud reports were filed in 2020. (FTC, February 2021)
  • 2020 saw 24,000 confidence/romance scam victims. (FBI, 2020 Internet Crime Report)

How to Report a Dating Site Scammer

You should report your experience to the online dating or social media site you were using if you have any reason to believe that you or a loved one has been the victim of an online dating scam.

Additionally, you should complain to the FTC. Make sure you are watchful while using online dating sites because romance scammers are on rise these days. Be mindful to not fall into the trap of these scammers, or else they will get scammed by these common online dating scams.

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