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Disclaimer: The information on this document was based on information gathered during the website investigation period. Please note that the information provided might be outdated because there might have been changes on the investigated website (i.e. website had been suspended or website had changed owners and changed its content).

WiXi’s mission is to construct the ideal connection between you and the financial markets, regardless of who you are or where you are in the world. WiXi provides you with excellent trading alternatives, tools, and ground-breaking trading strategies so that you can learn and make money – at least that is what this company is claiming.

However, recently speculations have risen against claiming that this company is merely a facade and there is no legitimacy to it. That is what Ez Chargeback is here to weigh in on, is truly a legit company or is it a scam organisation waiting to pounce at an opportunity to steal your money and get blacklisted! homepage

What Is About?

WiXi is being marketed as a “next-generation trading platform” that provides the optimal environment for traders of all kinds to make use of innovative trading tools and build portfolios that span many asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, and fiat currencies.

One can get the impression that it is a cutting-edge foreign exchange agency, but the reality is quite the opposite: WiXi is claimed to be a fraud!

What Is Offering or Promising to Clients?

Recently,, which is being looked at as a potential fraud, claimed to provide customers with trading chances in investment offers as well as various other services. They claim to provide energy commodities, cryptocurrencies, currency options, precious metals, and soft commodities are all included in the investing offers. However, what many miss out on is the fact that all the information provided on their website is untrue and false.

There have been reviews against claiming that when individuals reach out to the organisations customer support to get more information on the opportunities, one of two things happened. Either the customer care representatives did not pick up phone calls and answer queries to provide further details on energy commodities, currency options, and more – once investments were put through.

On the split side, if they did answer calls or respond to queries, they had limited or close to no information at all – and guess what?! This was all after they had taken an initial sum from individuals! Seeing this sort of behavior raises some red flags, don’t you think?

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Is Legit or Scam? - WiXi Review is a suspected scam; working with unregulated offshore brokers is extremely risky, which is why we only recommend regulated ones.

For instance, brokers regulated by the FCA (Britain) and CySEC (Cyprus), two authorities that enforce tight laws to ensure the security of clients’ cash, are both shown to be safe. The mandatory regulations include increased capital requirements for broker licenses (€730 000), segregation of client accounts, risk-reducing measures such as leverage restrictions and negative balance protection, and client account segregation.

The UK’s protections are even higher at £85 000 per person, while clients of CySEC brokers have the option of claiming up to €20 000, if not more, in compensation! Most crucially, though, both regulators retain deposit insurance funds! Of course, trading with unregulated brokers will leave you defenseless and vulnerable to fraud dangers.


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Is Licensed? - WiXi Review

WiXi is unregulated and not licensed! It is reluctant to reveal its genuine identity, but specific provisions in its Terms and Conditions agreement make important information clear: WiXi is an offshore brokerage because it is subject to the laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Since SVG is a tax haven jurisdiction and does not regulate Forex brokers, WiXi is not subject to outside oversight when conducting business there. Simply said, if WiXi defrauds you, it will get away with it and face no repercussions. And to make matters worse, WiXi is essentially a firm whose owners are unknown, meaning that in the event of a dispute, you will have little chance of getting your money back because you won’t know who caused the harm.

Opinion Online and on Social Media does not have any social media accounts and they also have not disclosed any information about the people responsible for running their official website.

Comparing To Well Established Companies

WiXi’s look promising on paper. There is a respectable array of asset types available for trading, including Forex, commodities, indices, stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.

Trading expenses appear to be modest because the EUR/USD spread is only 0.2 pips, which equals $2 per traded lot compared to the industry average of $10 or less (1 pip difference or below). However, the competitive margin makes absolutely no difference because there is no regulation, which is a big problem.

However, when we take a closer look at a reputable business like Binance, we can notice that none of these red flags are present there.

Scam People

How to Get Your Money Back If You Were Scammed by

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Firstly, You must first alert the authorities; call the police, then get in touch with your local regulators and other law enforcement agencies that deal with fraud and crime. Deactivate your cards as soon as possible, and phone your bank to let them know what happened; they can give you crucial details and assist you to prevent future financial harm.

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