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Item Description Website Information
SRFx Trades Limited
1st Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Buliding, James Street Kingstown, St Vincent and The Grenadines

Disclaimer: The information on this document was based on information gathered during the website investigation period. Please note that the information provided might be outdated because there might have been changes on the investigated website (i.e. website had been suspended or website had changed owners and changed its content).

What is All About?

According to its website, SRFx Trades is a broker that gives its clients access to top-notch trading platforms and helps them achieve their financial objectives. They assert that SRFx Trades was created to assist other traders in achieving the heights of financial success by putting them in touch with well-known and accomplished traders.

Although has the appearance of being a cutting-edge brokerage firm, it is allegedly a hoax. Is It Reputable? For our opinion on this, read on in the article.

What is Offering To Its Clients?

Recently, promised to provide consumers with trading chances in investment offerings as well as a number of other services. This website is currently under investigation as a suspected fraudulent business. They offer four multiple ways of trading to their customers. They strive to improve your experience by offering the best trading solutions, allowing you to gain superior control.  

There have been accusations that one of two things happened when consumers called the company’s customer support for further information on the chances. After investments were made, either the customer care agents did not pick up the phone to address inquiries for further information on energy commodities, currency alternatives, and more.

However, if they did return calls or react to inquiries, they would do so with scant or no information. And guess what? They did this after receiving deposits from people. Observing such conduct makes you wonder Is a reliable source? offers

Is Legit or a Scam?

Dealing with uncontrolled offshore brokers is extremely hazardous, which is why we only recommend registered brokers. looks to be a fraud.

Is Licensed? is not licensed and unregulated! We believe this company is offering financial services or products in the UK without a license. Thus, people who are deciding to invest their money with this site should be wary because the UK government is not legally bound to give financial assistance when transacting with an unlicensed offshore broker.  is similar to . same offering, same structure, and they are both located in the Caribbean islands we suspect that they are related but further observation is needed. Checking the date of registration both were created during early to mid-2022 and it seems  is the younger website.  is an offshore broker registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and that does not help with their credibility in any way, because hiding behind an opaque offshore company renders the  owners completely anonymous, while the absence of a legit forex license makes them completely unaccountable for the way they handle your funds. To make the long story short, unregulated, offshore brokers like this one are better to be avoided, because dealing with virtually anonymous websites like this is how people usually get scammed.

Just bear in mind that St. Vincent and the Grenadines remain one of the last offshore hubs, home to thousands of shady brokers and outright scammers, who take advantage of the lax to non-existent regulatory framework on the islands to hide their clandestine activities there. Not to mention that virtually anyone can register an anonymous, shell offshore company in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, right here over the internet, without having to set foot personally there.

Source: FCA Opinions on Review Sites, Social Media Platforms & More

The firm does not have a presence on social media, or a phone number, and the individuals who are responsible for the website are also not exposed. 

The legitimacy of is being called into doubt as a result of this. It is a positive demonstration of a firm’s commitment to transparency for a company that provides financial services to publicize either its chief executive officer (CEO) or its investors. It is a factor that contributes to the website’s overall credibility. However, it appears like is concealing a significant amount of important information.

Comparing To Reliable Businesses

If you look at respectable websites like and compare it to, you’ll see that clearly provides more safe investments, better deals, better instruction for newcomers on crypto, and there is already a community created under binance.

When you visit the website of a genuine broker, you can anticipate finding information that is both clear and precise about the firm that owns and manages the website, as well as the location of the company’s headquarters and the regulatory frameworks to which it is subject. Additionally, licenced suppliers of financial services are required to furnish an exhaustive collection of legal paperwork.

The website for rfxtrades does not have any of this information at all. We are in the dark about the other party we are negotiating with as well as the specifics of the arrangement. Under these circumstances, putting our money on the line would be an egregious error that cannot be forgiven.

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How To Get Your Money Back if You Were Scammed by

If you feel that you may have been taken advantage of by this company, it is imperative that you report your suspicions to the proper authorities as soon as possible. If you ever get the feeling that you have been tricked, the first thing you should do is cut off all communication with the brokers. Don’t provide them any information about yourself that might put them at risk of identity theft or fraud from another source.

EzChargeback is here to help you through the recovery process; the following are a few measures that you may take to reclaim monies that have been stolen by a fraudster. To begin, you should make an official report; first, you should phone the police, and then you should get in touch with your local regulators and any other law enforcement bodies in your area that deal with fraud and other criminal activity. If you believe that you are the victim of identity theft, you should immediately change all of your passwords, delete any potentially harmful software that you may have downloaded, and, if required, get in touch with the company that issued your credit card.

In addition, please let us know about your situation, and we will do our best to put you in touch with reputable organisations that are able to assist those who have been defrauded or whose personal information has been taken.

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