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A blacklist is a list of individuals, groups, or nations that are shunned or ostracized by others due to allegations that they have engaged in immoral or unethical behavior or activities. 

A corporation or entity that acts unethically or offensively in the US will end up on a blacklist, one such corporation is They have been known to be damaging people’s financial stability, assets, and goodwill! 

Cunning, dangerous, and fake are just a few words which describe Alloned. com. They have been flagged for conducting tremendous scale frauds related to the field of dating scams and data sharing fraud. 

These scams encompass a broad range of dishonest techniques that con artists use to induce others to invest their time and energy into finding a companion and then dupe them. These activities include things like providing inaccurate or misleading information and creating false opportunities. 


Scammers from will contact victims in a number of ways, including through unauthorized phone calls, emails, texts, and social networking sites. Affinity fraud is a technique some people use to build relationships within a group, which they then use to lure victims into investing in their schemes.

The dating and data sharing frauds may involve, among other things, gold gems and offshore assets, novel forms of cryptocurrencies, franchises, and business opportunities.  There are a variety of warning indicators to watch out for while investing, such as exorbitant promises, fake relationships, and so much more! 

What is


The popular dating site, became a one hit wonder among many, that was until it started showing signs of users who were fooling people into dating scams. Users can share files with one another on the website 

A lot of options are available on to make meeting new friends, and making new relationships simple and practical. However, all this would have been great if wasn’t a scam. 


There are many platforms that talk about how authentic this platform is, but we are here to diminish all the confusion as is, in fact, nothing more than a scam.

According to studies has a rating of 38.2/100 and many negative reviews that can testify to this being nothing more than a hoax.

What Not To Do To Ensure You Stay Safe from


Using apps to share data and information is creative and innovative, the idea of was splendid, however the course of action they took was wrong and harmful for others. 


Therefore, to stay safe from organizations such as, consider the following practices. 

Don’t divulge personal information


You may not know what a stranger may do with personal information like your entire name, date of birth, and home address. 

Try to avoid giving out personal information online to someone you already know because you might transmit it to a fraudster posing as them. Additionally, you should exercise caution when choosing your username on dating websites. Avoid including details about yourself, such as your location, like “James From London.”

Never send or accept money



No matter how plausible someone’s narrative seems, never give or accept money from someone you met online. 

Cash, your bank account, your credit card, and other financial information are all covered by this. Make sure the request is coming from the person you believe to know by checking with them offline.

Utilize reputable dating sites


Fraudsters frequently try to erase their illegal activities from respectable dating services as quickly as they can. 

They’ll probably try to persuade you to communicate with them through text messages or social media. This is done so that the dating site won’t have any evidence that they requested money from you. Use the website’s messaging features to get in touch with anyone you know through this kind of website.

Don’t divulge personal contact information


Contact information

Use a website that enables you to hold onto your private information until you’re ready to disclose it. These contain information that can be used to contact you, including your home address, email, or phone number.

Before utilizing your webcam, pause


Even if you think you know the person, use caution when using your webcam with a new online love interest. You might be harmed by the video. All devices, including desktops, laptops, cellphones, and tablets, as well as their cameras, fall under this.

Embrace your intuition



If something doesn’t feel right, it probably is wrong. Be cautious.

  • Use reputable websites, but use caution when posting anything online. Scammers may also use these sites.
  • If you start dating someone online, check out their profile and ask questions after looking at their photo. A person is likely to be true if they seem too good to be true.
  • If someone repeatedly fails to show up for meetings and always has an excuse, you should be suspicious.

Key Takeaways! 


Criminals frequently present themselves as wealthy, coming from well-to-do families, or having lucrative careers that need them to go abroad frequently. 

Scammers attempt to build relationships with their victims very rapidly, win their trust, and occasionally even propose marriage. When victims try to meet them, the con artists never appear and always have justifications.

Once confidence is established, the con artists demand payment. With a pledge to pay back the loan in full once they return from their trip, they may ask for a loan to assist in expanding their business or to cover a medical or legal issue for themselves or a member of their family. The victim never receives compensation, and the con artist will keep requesting more money.

Because they feel humiliated and ashamed that they were deceived and have invested emotionally and financially in the relationship, victims frequently hesitate to disclose the crime. This leads to victims sending money to con artists, but they may also become prey to other scams as a result. 

The intimate and private information that victims frequently divulge can then be utilized, among other things, for identity fraud and financial account takeover operations. By persuading their victims to move and launder false funds, which the victim is then responsible for both financially and potentially criminally, scammers may even turn their victims into unsuspecting criminals.

Since there are numerous examples of this fraud in fake job/work-from-home scams, it is not solely a romance-based scam. Scammers will get in touch with potential victims via LinkedIn and other employment-related websites, build rapport based on an employer-employee relationship, and then take advantage of the victims in a manner akin to romance scams.

Given that many of these con artists are located abroad, primarily in Nigeria, it is difficult to prove this crime and conduct an investigation. These con artists employ sophisticated strategies in organized enterprise fraud rings rather than acting alone. For added deception, these con artists have been known to use phony phone numbers and actors to speak on the phone with their victims.

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