Are You Trying to Recover From A CFD Trading Scam?

Online trading has become extremely popular over the years. Nowadays, people want new ways to make money and trading seems like a convenient option for them. There are different kinds of trading people opt for including forex CFD, bitcoin CFD, indices CFD, and others. In order to trade, people hire CFD brokers that help them out with the entire thing in order to make money. They hire a trade contract with them and make CFD investments. Now, being a CFD trader is not as easy as it sounds. It is not always about making profits due to the increased CFD scams out there. Sure, trading has become popular, but this led to more and more scams as well.

Recovering from a CFD scam is quite hard and something, not everyone out there is an expert at. In this article, we will have a look at how you can recover from a CFD scam, and the different ways people scam you. If you’re someone interested in CFDs, then make sure to keep on reading and stay vigilant in the future!

In Chile, a surge in interest in CFDs triggered a series of alleged Ponzi schemes and a congressional investigation. Some individual investors made big losses

If you are someone who’s interested in Trading CFDs, then you’re definitely at the right place. We can give you the best practices in identifying red flags as well as help you in recovering your stolen money from scammers!

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How To Recover from CFD Trading Scams

Contract for Difference offers traders as well as investors to make a huge chunk of profit from the price movement without actually having a physical asset. The method is quite simple and is actually calculated by the movement of the asset between trade entry as well as exit. The entire thing is done by hiring a CFD broker. Trading CFDs do come with a huge share of pros however there are many fake websites out there that claim to be licensed companies but are fake ones. All the testimonials they have are completely fake. Now, if you are someone who has been a victim of fake brokers, then there is no need to worry. There is a follow-up process that must be followed and that will help you in getting what you deserve.

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When it comes to recovering money from trading, the first thing you need to do is report all sorts of suspicious activities that occurred. People who go for online trading face a hard time understanding how and where they lost their money. It is not easy for them to understand whether they lost the money due to natural factors associated with trading or if the law happened because of a scam. At times, it is next to impossible for one to recognize if they were scammed by a broker or not without the advice of an expert.

When it comes to trading, it is a gamble, and losing a huge amount of money is not something you call impossible. However, this does not certainly mean that if your funds were mishandled by your broker, that’s acceptable. Sure, it is known that there is no guarantee that you will definitely get back what you lost, however, some amount of your investment can actually be recovered. In order to get your investment back, the first step is to report the scammer to the right authorities so that they can freeze the scammers’ funds when possible.

Steps to Follow When Recovering Money from Trading

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Here are a few steps one must follow in order to recover money from trading:

1. The first thing you need to do is report the broker to the authorities
2. If you used a credit card, you need to ask your bank to block your transactions so that your card cannot be misused by anyone
3. Another thing you need to do is check whether the forex broker is regulated or not. If yes, then chances are that the country’s supervisory body might help you out
4. One of the most important steps is to contact a lawyer who is experienced in CFD trading and has dealt with similar situations. This person will know exactly what to do.

The Chances of Recovering Money You Lost in CFD Trading

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The chances of receiving your money from CFD trading scams depend on the intensity of the situation. If the scam was easily detectable, then the chances are that it may be easy to recover the money. However, if the scammer was experienced then the steps used might be hard for one to understand. In either case, it is a must for one to report the crime and follow the steps mentioned above.

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5 Things to Know Before Recovery Stages

There are multiple CFD trading scams that happen every now and then. However, if you stay attentive, you might be able to detect the scam beforehand. Here are some of the red flags:

1. Persistent Brokers

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Firstly, CFD brokers do not really contact you, instead, you need to contact them through a broker company or something. However, if a CFD broker is persistent that he/she can aid you, then you need to be careful. Chances are that the person is going to turn out to be a scammer. It is always better to go through reviews first than hiring the person.

2. They Are Aggressive

Another red flag is that most fake brokers are very aggressive. They do not listen to you and persuade you to make more trades and spend your money even when you do not want to. They make sure to do everything in their power to convince you somehow.

3. They Exaggerate Returns

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Another thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s not possible for you to only make a profit when it comes to trading. You will make losses as well. A broker who exaggerates returns on small investments is probably a scam. The guarantee the broker is giving you is not actually true and is impossible to happen unless you are making a huge investment. All the broker wants is your money, nothing else.

4. Complex Contracts

Scammers make sure to make complex contracts that are extremely hard for one to understand. The contracts contain different closures that you may not be able to understand and once you sign, the scammer can use this against you. They hide disadvantages for the investors and may add hidden charges as well.

5. Facing Difficulty While Withdrawing

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What most scammers do is that they make it extremely hard for you to make withdrawals. They ensure to do whatever they can so that you do not get the money that is yours. They come up with lame excuses and stupid requirements that are never needed in the first place. This is one of the tactics all scammers out their use.

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What Happens if You Cannot Recover?

There are multiple ways you can lose money in forex trading. Now, first off, were you guaranteed promises that the broker didn’t keep? For instance, guaranteeing a bonus but not telling you that the capital investment will need to be surrendered by you so that you receive it? Some scammers might earn from your account however make sure the money goes away and they keep it. Apart from this, some scammers might also tell you that you made a loss but will never give you a justification for the loss and explain why it happened in the first place.

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Who Can Steal Your Money in CFD Trading?

There are numerous ways your money can go away in CFD trading. For instance, a broker will tell you are making a loss while you are making a profit but take away your money. A broker may even ask you to use a trading bot software but that is just a scam that provides the broker with all your information.

How To Know If You Were Scammed

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Here are a few steps one must follow in order to recover money from trading:

  • If you are not being able to withdraw funds from your account, there are high chances your broker took them
  • Are you able to access your account information?
  • Were you able to get in contact with your broker when facing an issue receiving your funds or was your call transferred to a call center?
  • Did you notice that your broker has a questionable reputation and other investors who hired the broker were in loss or didn’t receive their funds?

Normally what happens is that people realize they have been scammed once they are unable to withdraw money from their account and the broker completely ghosts them.

Who Should You Report the Scam To?

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If you realize you have been scammed, you need to collect all the documents that can be used as proof and immediately report to the local authorities so that they can look into your case as soon as possible. You must provide the authorities with each and every detail that might be beneficial for your case. 

Moreover, you also need to hire a lawyer that is specialized in this area as the lawyer will know exactly what to do and how to get your money back. Remember, the entire process is not that easy, and it is not going to happen overnight. It is going to take time so all you need to do is be patient.

Another thing you need to do is beware of people who contact you and tell you that they can help you get your money back. This way, you are going to get scammed once again or the scammer who took your money might be the one trying to scam you again. Apart from this, scammers even try to scam victims or other scammers. What they do is that they convince you that they are going to assist you in getting your money back but will charge a specific amount from you. Moreover, fake law firms and investor compensation funds are the ones that will contact you. Remember, they are all fake, and not a word they say is true.


You might even get emails from scammers, and they make you an offer out of nowhere which was not expected at all. They make you promise that you will get the exact amount of money back which is not possible at all. Professionals know that getting the entire amount back is not going to happen however you will get a chunk from the amount you lost. If a bogus law firm guarantees you that you will get the entire amount, do not go for it, and never trust such people. Moreover, you also need to keep in mind that a reliable broker will always be registered under the official regulatory bodies of the country.

Never be afraid to report if you have been scammed. Remember there is no shame in it and it should actually happen to anyone out there. A complaint is necessary so that the scammer can be stopped from doing the same thing to others out there. By reporting, you are not only doing good to yourself but others as well. A huge network of scammers who are connected to each other might even be caught this way.

Also, another benefit of reporting the crime quickly is that you have the chance to get the greatest amount possible back. Even if you detect the crime while you are still in touch with the broker, you can help them catch the scammer by asking for information in a subtle manner.

Recover From CFD Scams Now!

Here was all you needed to know about CFD scams and how they work. If you are interested in CFD trading, then you need to be careful regarding the scams happening out there. These scams are on their rise and it is a must for everyone to be careful. Make sure to do your research beforehand when you are hiring a broker. Check reviews and ask for recommendations from other people. Don’t just trust anyone blindly, you never know what might happen. However, if by any chance you do face a scam, you need to report the crime so that you can get your money back and the scammer goes behind the bars.

CFD trading is extremely beneficial if you take your steps wisely and hire the right person who will help you make money instead of running away with it.

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