Binary Options Scams That Can Leave You in BIG Trouble!

Binary options are a type of options contract used in the financial markets in which the reward is entirely reliant on the outcome of a yes/no proposition being true or false. A binary option is a financial contract that predicts whether the price of a given asset will increase above or fall below a predetermined threshold. The option holder is no longer necessary to make a decision on whether or not to exercise the binary option once it has been acquired, as binary options are automatically exercised once the option has been acquired.

In contrast to other forms of options, a binary option provides the holder with the option to either buy or sell the specified item, rather than both. Depending on the outcome of the trade, the binary option holder receives either a predetermined sum of cash or nothing at all at the time of expiration of the option. When it comes to binary options trading in the United States, a significant percentage of the market is performed through Internet-based trading platforms that are not necessarily in conformity with applicable regulatory standards and may even be engaged in illegal activity.

When it comes to binary options and binary options trading platforms, investors should be on the lookout for fraudulent promotion practices that might lead to them losing all of their funds.

Not to worry if this is your first time hearing about binary options and their associated frauds. You have arrived at the correct location; simply continue reading to learn more about this subject and prevent becoming a victim of fraud. Happy reading!

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Binary Options - What Are They?

Working with binary options is similar to trading in foreign currency, although the entire process is significantly less complicated in this instance. Traditional binary options trading systems allow traders to place bets on whether the price of a security will rise or fall in the future. If the rate is triggered, he will begin to accrue his earnings immediately afterward. This isn’t just a game of chance, as with a game of chance like roulette, either. 

Identifying the most likely trend for binary options trading can be done using a variety of strategies, which are detailed below. In fact, the vast majority of the elements that influence a trader’s activity in the binary options market are already known in advance of the transaction.

The perceived simplicity of binary options trading has resulted in a great number of scammers emerging who are willing to go to any length to take advantage of uninformed players and trick them into becoming filthy rich. There are still a big number of people who have been taken advantage of despite the fact that binary options and the scams that are based on them are becoming increasingly popular. 

Furthermore, rather than diminishing, the number of dishonest binary options brokers who provide binary options on their platforms to ignorant players is expanding.

investment on phone

Thus, those who engage in binary options scams often end up becoming quite wealthy as a result of their efforts in the process. Binary options scams cause clients to lose their hard-earned money, the binary options market’s reputation to be tarnished, and consumers’ confidence in binary options to be severely eroded. As a result, before you begin trading with binary options, you must conduct comprehensive study into the market’s features and be able to recognize scams and Ponzi schemes based on binary options. 

On websites such as this one, online critiques of the most recent binary options frauds are often posted, including this one.

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The Term Binary Options Scams

On exchanges that are registered in the United States, binary options, which are a yes or no stance on a future market scenario, can be traded on the stock market. A large number of additional websites, social media posts, advertisements, and online videos that promote binary options trading platforms that are not registered with the government can be found on the internet. They are operated by offshore companies that are involved in fraudulent behavior the vast majority of the time.

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You may learn how these scams function and how to avoid becoming a victim by reading this article. A large number of additional websites, social media posts, advertisements, and online videos that promote binary options trading platforms that are not registered with the government can be found on the internet. They are operated by offshore companies that are involved in fraudulent behavior the vast majority of the time. You may learn how these scams function and how to avoid becoming a victim by reading this article.

Scammers regularly distribute “super-profitable” and “win-win” trading signals with the goal of scamming investors, as is the case with the standard binary options scam. When perpetrating binary options scams, they build up a large number of different websites on which they recruit people in an unscrupulous manner to become familiar with their product.

In order to gain the attention of unwary or unskilled traders, it must first attract their attention. In many cases, brokers who participate in binary options fraud give potential clients a 100 percent guarantee that they will make a big profit through their (the broker’s) approach to binary options. 


This is even attempted to be demonstrated by posting photographs of the page holding the income earned from transactions carried out with the assistance of these programs on social media platforms such as Facebook. The great majority of these self-proclaimed evidential systems are shown to be a fluke upon closer examination. Despite the fact that they promised their gullible clients the moon and stars in addition to great trading circumstances, their true goal was to deceive the trader, steal his money, and quickly move on to the next gullible target, which they did on a regular basis.

Thus, an individual may contact customer support to voice his or her discontent and request a refund of the money deposited into their account. Despite this, none of these hands-on efforts will be fruitful because no one forced the consumer to make the purchase to begin with. False websites are usually hidden behind the persona of some imaginary character, which makes them difficult to detect.

lock hacking

Binary Options Scams You Should Be Aware of!

Because of the growing usage of internet trading, binary options frauds have become increasingly common. Scams involving binary options include fly-by-night brokers, price manipulation, and fake asset managers, to name a few.

1. Managed trading

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Some brokers promise to take care of everything for you, including the actual trading, and they even claim that they guarantee profits. Most of the time, this will devolve into a game where you will be asked to deposit more money, to continue making a profit, or to recover losses over and over again. When a trader seeks to withdraw funds, they encounter a slew of hurdles, if the withdrawal is even doable at all. It is impossible for a trustworthy broker to make the claim that earnings are assured due to the fact that the financial markets are far too unpredictable.

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2. Fly-by-night brokers

In order to recruit users to their trading platform, fly-by-night brokers pose as legitimate binary options brokerages. Their websites will almost certainly have been designed to appear convincing, usually by someone who has an extensive understanding of binary options trading and marketing. A small number of fraudulent brokers provide access to well-known trading systems, while others may utilize their own proprietary trading software. Fly-by-night brokers, who are perhaps the most straightforward sort of binary options scam, first ask traders to make a significant deposit, frequently in exchange for tempting bonuses to attract new consumers.


Some scammers will collect your deposit and then disappear, never to be heard from again. Clients who fall victim to sophisticated frauds, on the other hand, are encouraged to invest more money since they receive significant returns on their initial investment. Any time a trader tries to withdraw money from their account, the broker will invalidate their withdrawal request and ignore any messages sent by the trader. Some binary options scams would charge clients a series of hefty fees and commissions in order to trick them into investing.

For example, suppose a trader requests a $2,000 withdrawal from their account. In that case, a dishonest broker may demand a $300 commission payment, followed by tax contributions, transfer fees, and so on, before releasing the funds.

3. Bucket shops and price manipulation

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Bucket shops are brokers who earn a profit at the expense of their customers by engaging in unethical business methods. Bucket shops, which have been around since the 1800s, have traditionally let consumers gamble on the stock market using goods that are akin to binary options. A large number of bucket stores modify prices in order to defraud customers.

Investors may feel they are trading on the open market when, in reality, the prices are being fixed artificially by the broker. There is no getting around it: the price is not being controlled in the client’s favor, and the consumer is likely to lose their money. As an additional precautionary measure, some traders have complained that bucket shop brokers will prevent consumers from winning by extending the expiration countdown until the profit has turned into a loss.

4. Pyramid and Ponzi schemes

ponzi scheme

In the world of binary options trading, the pretty common pyramid scheme scam appears from time to time. Members in pyramid schemes are urged to recruit new members, in exchange for which they receive a commission. Everyone who signs up for the program must pay a membership fee, and rather than making money from binary options trading, those at the top of the pyramid profit from the fees paid by those at the bottom of the pyramid. People at the bottom of the pyramid nearly always lose money because they are unable to attract enough new recruits to fill their positions at the top.

The opposite is true in the case of a Ponzi Scheme, which will offer binary options trades that result in big returns in a short period of time. Ponzi schemes may only require a minimal down-payment and pay beginning investors the promised returns in order to provide the appearance of success, but they are not necessarily successful. Customers are urged to recruit more people to participate in the plan; once a sufficient number of people have invested, the fraudster vanishes with the money.

Being Aware of These Scams at All Times


Always examine where a binary options broker is registered, as well as which regulatory bodies it is licensed by, in order to prevent falling victim to binary options frauds. This information should be prominently displayed on their website. If you utilize an unregulated broker, you will not be able to recover your money if something goes horribly wrong. 

Furthermore, the broker may be able to engage in unethical behavior while being within the law. It is not always the case that unregulated binary options brokers are scammers, though it is certainly safer to choose a regulated platform.

Every country has its own financial regulatory authority, which is in charge of ensuring fair business standards among brokers in the country in question. The CySEC (Cyprus), the CTFC (United States), and the Malta Gambling Authority (GA) are the primary regulating bodies for binary options trading. Some binary options brokers are based in nations such as the Seychelles, Mauritius, or St. Vincent and the Grenadines, while others are located in the United States. While many offshore brokers are genuine, the laws enacted in these jurisdictions may be less rigorous than those enacted in other parts of the world.

offshore investmenting

It is worthwhile to conduct more research before selecting an offshore broker in order to identify potential binary trading frauds. It is currently prohibited for firms in the United Kingdom and the European Union to provide binary options trading to retail clients. Binary options scammers, on the other hand, occasionally claim to be registered in these nations — for example, by claiming to have an address in the famed City of London. Other binary trading scams will use fictitious regulatory agencies as a ruse, so be sure to double-check any organization that you are unfamiliar with.

Key Takeaways!

Before beginning a business relationship with a binary options broker, thoroughly review the terms of his client agreement, the regulations for conducting trading operations and filing claims, as well as the broker’s comprehensive set of legal documents. Questions about dubious aspects of the agreement should be directed to the broker’s representatives; once the questions have been answered, evaluate the level of skill and professionalism displayed by the company’s representatives. Happy trading!

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